Why is content development so important?

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That gives you a good idea why content is so important. If you are still not convinced, continue reading, I will convince you.

By the way, this step is the most time consuming when building your own web site. It is also the most important. Once you develop real, original content, you will be 75% of the way done building a money making web site. Keep reading:

What do you do on the internet when you aren’t working on your web site? Are you looking for something to buy? Sometimes. Most often you are probably looking for information (content). For the sake of this example let’s pretend you are doing a little shopping.

Let’s say you are looking for a new computer. (This could be anything, I just selected computer because I’m staring at one right now.) What do you do first? Do you open up any page and just start clicking until you find a computer for sale and buy it? No, of course, not. You probably go to a search engine, put computer in the search box and click OK.

A list of results will come up for you to look through. How did the search engine decide on which websites to show you? Their spiders search through billions of websites and find the ones with the most relevant information (content) for your search and present them to you.

• NOTE: There was a time when all you had to do was list a bunch of keywords in your meta-tags and the spiders would think your site had information about that subject. Those days are gone. The spiders now read your website to see how much information is actually available on any given subject. If all the spider finds is a pile of links to other sites, the spider will go to those other sites to see if there is any information there. They cross you off their list and they don’t return.

Back to our original search for computers. Lets be a little more specific about the computer we want. Lets search for a Dell computer with a Pentium 4 processor and a 250GB hard drive. If you have an affiliate link for this exact computer on your website in and amongst all your other computer links, lets pretend the search engines picked you up and presented your website in the results for this search. You will be on page 24,753. Do you think any customers are going to find your website?

Do that search right now and see what you get. Look at the websites that come up on the first page. What do they all have in common? They all have good solid information about the computer you are interested in buying. None of these websites are pages full of affiliate links. Go to page two and look again. More of the same. If you are really bored, take a look at page three. Do you see what I’m talking about? Of course you do! The fact is – Content RULES! No two ways about it.

• NOTE: Do you ever really go to page three of a search? I never go past page one. If I don’t find what I’m looking for on page one, I refine my search. If you aren’t on page one, you are a sinking ship.

So let’s start building your website. If you don’t know enough about Dell computers with a Pentium 4 processor and a 250GB hard drive to write riveting information about it, don’t build your website about computers. You have too much competition and you will never sell a thing.

When you are building your website, pick a subject that you are very knowledgeable about. A hobby or a job that you have life experience about. Something you can go on and on about and never run out of things to say. This is what you know and this is what you can teach others about.

You will find plenty of affiliate programs available for any subject. Don’t worry about sales right now. Worry about developing content. Sales come naturally to a well built website. If you decide to start your website by first looking to see what you want to sell, you will fail. Remember, step by step.

• NOTE: First and foremost, build a first class website. Make it very informative. Make it at least 20 pages of exceptional content that people will really want to read. Make it look nice and be inviting. Help your visitors find a real solution to a problem. Give them words and lots of them. Don’t give them the same information they can get anywhere. Talk to them, make them like you, make them trust you. Then they will buy.

Content is the only way to do it and actually make money. There are no shortcuts and no special tricks. If you don’t have content, you don’t have anything. Plus, companies who offer affiliate programs will not even approve your site to sell their products if you don’t have any usable information on your website. More on approval here.

Once you have decided on your topic, make an outline of sorts. These are your ideas on how to present your topic. Brainstorm. You will be surprised at how easily the ideas pop into your head. If they don’t, pick a different topic. Please keep in mind while you are writing, you are not trying to sell anything, just present valuable information to your reader. If you need more help on writing your content, here is a very good book to help you. It’s not free, it costs $9.95, but it’s well worth the investment. The author used his 14 year old daughters web site as an example. Hey if she can make money so can you. P.S. Try it on your own first.

Once you have at least 20 good ideas, 30 or 40 would be better, you can start writing. If you are lucky enough to have a program like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, go ahead and start your content there. If you don’t have an HTML Editor, use notepad and start compiling your pages. This part is all about words. Don’t worry about the fancy stuff yet.

Write at least 10 pages before you decide you have a website. You can add more later once you are up and running.

Write your pages like you are talking to a friend. Be honest and sincere. Don’t try to create Pulitzer prize winning articles. Real people want to read real information. You are not trying to impress your English teacher here. If you write over the heads of your visitors, they will leave. Put your impressive vocabulary on the shelf. Make your information an easy read and your readers will trust you know what you are talking about because they are understanding what you are saying.

Try to make each page flow into the next. Have a method to your madness. Each page should be a new topic that compliments the last topic and will lead into the next one. Make it all work together.

For more help on getting started? Go here.

Here is a great FREE ebook for you to read more on this subject. It’s called Netwriting Masters Course . This book was written by Ken Evoy, a master in website building. Read what he has to say.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing Business

You can make money affiliate marketing by selling products belonging to other people for a commission. For electronically deliverable products suh as software or eBooks, that will be from 50% uopwards, though mostly 50% of the sales price. For hard goods it will be considerably lower

It is easy to make money affiliate marketing, but if your affiliate marketing business is to be successful, you will need a website. Sure, you can make money without one, but in order to do so you will need a way of attracting people, and then selling them to the merchant’s website.

There are only two effective ways of doing that – article marketing and pay per click (PPC) advertising, and either or both can be used in your affiliate marketing business. In the latter you join a PPC program, create adverts and then bid on keywords with which to advertise your adverts.

You pay for every click your advert receives, and unless you are very familiar with PPC you can lose a lot of money using it. You can use it, but set yourself a very strict budget of, say, $50, and see how you get on. If you fail, don’t persevere, but learn more about it before trying again or you will lose rather than make money affiliate marketing.

Article marketing is a great way to get free advertising, and it will also be one of your major online advertising techniques. It is my #1 method and has achieved many Page ‘#1 listings for me on Google. Since I recommend article marketing as a major promotional technique, and since I am a professional article ghost writer, I am going to make an offer for my book Article Czar now. You needn’t buy it yet, but can come back later for it once you have a lot more knowledge about online businesses abnd how to make money affiliate marketing.

The regular price is $57 but I am offering it to visitors to this site for $37, since you can use it as one of your products to sell in your affiliate marketing business, and it is always best to try a product before promoting it: Article Czar

Your Website
The problem with sending visitors directly to the merchant’s sales page is that about 99% don’t buy first time, and you are unlikely to ever have them visit your advert or read your article again. You will be more likely to make money affiliate marketing if you send them to a page on your own website first that reviews the product and presells it before providing a link to the merchant.

Also, on the same page, you should offer an opt-in form. That collects their first name and email address so that you can keep in contact with them. On average, it takes a prospect 7 or 8 exposures to a product before they purchase – some more and some less. The only way to achieve that is to send them a regular email promoting the product.

You can’t just keep emailing them or you will be accused of spamming, but if you offer them a regular newsletter or 7 or 8 part course on your niche or product in return for their address, then you have the ideal excuse.

One major tip: respect your list memnbers, and don’t try to take advantage of them. They are helping you and you are helping them: it’s a symbiotic relationship so use it that way and they will respect you.

If the thought of building an automatic opt-in form worries you, don’t let it. Both SiteBuildIt and Third Sphere, which are described below, offer autoresponders and opt-in forms, and explain to you how to use them. That’s one reason why I am, recommending only these two that are ideal for promoting your affiliate marketing business.

I can also help you with advice if yiu need it. As this site expands I will offer help on all aspects of internewt marketing.

The other is that they are my Affiliate products, and demonstrate how the system works. My affiliate commission does not affect the price to you since I get a percentage of the sales price – up to 50% and over for the average affiliate product deliverable electronically. Affiliate merchants think in terms of 50% of a sale being better than 100% of none, and there is no replacement cost for software downloaded online.

Ideal for you if you are inexperienced online and want a foolproof method of building a website. That is something that deters many people from getting involved in internet marketing, but if websites scare you, you will love this. Here are some of its features:

• Free domain name: just choose one and SBI will register it for you.
• Website Design: Choose from dozens of templates or use your own. Select the theme, navigation bar, font, heading, etc.

• Content: Use the boxes to add headline, text, text links, graphics, audio and video,etc.

• Traffic stats, Search engine positions for every page (Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and Ask, and lots more.

• Your own Blog included.
• SEO Analysis on each page – you can’t complete without making recommended changes.

• Keyword Analysis and selection using Wordtracker.
• Unlimited password controlled email addresses and autoresponders to automate your business.

In short, everything needed to run a professional online business,and make money affiliate marketing.

Check out SBI here.

Third Sphere

Ideal for the more experienced, offering a fully function web hosting service including:
• unlimited email addresses and autoresponders
• automation station
• unlimited subdomains
• subdomain parking
• mysql databases
• cart system
• credit card merchant (2 Checkout)
• website design software
• wysiwyg html editor and lots more.

Check out Third Sphere here.
Affiliate Programs
Many online products, such as Article Czar above, offer an affiliate program – generally offering around 50% of the sales price for each sale. I offer 60% on Article Czar, or $34.20 for each sale. Worth selling – you get more than me!

As stated, you need a website. Design a home page that discusses the type of products you sell, with links to each page. Then design a page that reviews each product – one product to a page, with an opt-in form on each page.

Alternatively, send them to a squeeze page containing the opt-in form, offering a newsletter or course, and explaining the benefit of whichever you offer. Once they fill in the form, send them to your affiliate page.

There are some directories that offer you a great choice of programs. Some you can start selling right away, and immediately begin to make money affiliate marketing, while others will have to approve your website first to make sure it contains no offensive material. Taboo topics are sex, drugs, pharmaceuticals, peer to peer file sharing and pyramid schemes.

Why Is Affiliate Maketing A Financial Freedom Door?

The very best advantage about affiliate marketing is that you can start your online business with no upfront money whatsoever. What other business can you think about that would allow you such a freedom to start a business that could bring you back tons of money? No very many, indeed.

With affiliate marketing you don’t need to promote your own products; therefore, you don’t need to buy a product in order to resell it. Affiliate marketing is not to be confused with being a distributor for a network marketing company where, not only you have to pay a fee to get in, but also have to buy the product in order to be able to sell it. With affiliate marketing you are free of these two burdens. Everything you will be selling will be sold through the internet without much of your involvement once you are all set and done. Being a distributor of an internet company will always require much of you physical involvement and face to face meeting. Affiliate marketing will set you free of all that, and this is true whether you would be selling a digital product such as a software tool or program or a physical product such as a cell phone or a book.

What are the basics you need to have to start your business as an affiliate internet marketer?

As a beginner you should start with 100% free advertising avenues to promote your products. You can start with free blogs, free article posts, and free websites. The only thing that you should buy is a domain name for each niche or product that you are going to promote. A domain name can cost you as little as $6.00 to $10.00 per year.
When you are choosing your domain name you need to be keywords conscious. This means to make sure that you are thinking of the consumers that would be interest in your product when you pick your domain name. Free keyword tools such as SEOBook This tool will help you to make a calculated choice as you can narrow down a phrase to specific keywords or keyword phrases for your product.

Another way that will help you greatly in promoting your product is what is called Web 2.0 sites, such as Squidoo for example. Those sites offer you the possibility to built literal bulletin board sites which can rank very high on Google search engines.

Over time as your affiliate business grows and starts to bring you steady incomes you can start to use some paid avenues such as paid blogs, web hosting and many other different marketing tools which will bring your results to an even higher level.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and are in need of advice and guidance, I invite you to visit this blog regularly as my intent here is to help people just like you.

Affiliate Marketing (Part 2: The Golden Rules)

Howdy, Buddies!

Let’s continue with Affiliate Marketing Part 2: The Golden Rules.

This is the part which most of the affiliate marketer will miss out. But for me these are the KEYS of success in Affiliate Marketing, so I called it as “The Golden Rules in Affiliate Marketing“.

All games start with RULES, understand the rules is the earliest stage for every games. Well, take your Affiliate Business as a games. In this affiliate games we enjoy and have fun through the process, and the reward from this games is your Big Money in your bank account.

Install these Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing in you brain now….
1. For any affiliate products you promote, TAKE IT AS YOUR OWN PRODUCT. ( Your affiliate product = Your Product; Your product = Your affiliate product)

2. You are not just a promoter which promote . YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS. YOU TAKE ONWERSHIP by promoting that product as whole-heartedly as you would if you were the merchant or copyright holder. (If you take it serois like your own business, then only you will get the GREAT result.)

3. Promote it in the RIGHT WAYS. Spam will burn your business and your future.
Make sure you always keep these 3 Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing in your mind, make it permanently installed in your mind. ok? 🙂

Let’s discover the type of Affiliate Marketing, and how you earn from Affiliate Marketing Business in my next post. c u then…

Why Did I Quite Being A Distributor For An Internet Maketing Company

Are you still struggling as a distributor for a big internet marketing company? I know I was. Why did I quite being broke for a big internet marketing company to become an affiliate marketing?

When I started with the internet marketing business in late 2005, all I knew is that some people were making big money online, but I sure didn’t know how. After a couple of real bad experiences which made me lose and waste money, I join Vitamark International which is based in Houston, Texas. I became a distributor of this company and I was told that I could make huge amount of money with the company as a distributor.

A very important thing you need to know before you join a company as a distributor!

When you join a network marketing company, you see the top dogs making big money, and, yes, they certainly do. But what you need to understand is “it is not because they are making big money that you will“ They are making money because they are already in possession of 3 things that you may not. 1) They have a KNOWLEDGE of the internet marketing business. 2) They are already settled and have a network behind them. 3) They have money to spend in advertisement that you most likely don’t have.

These 3 reasons will most certainly make a huge difference between you and them.

So much so, that as a matter of fact, if you are brand new with the online business when you start with an internet marketing company, it will take more than work on your part to be able to reach this kind of results. It will take a lot of your time and money. So much so, that the dropping numbers are gigantic.

Thankfully, after a couple of year of struggling as a distributor, I’ve got that! I was still convinced that I could make it big online, but I knew that there had to be something else then being a distributor of a big internet marketing company that makes ALL the rules for me.

Guess what? There was!

I was fortunate enough to meet two great guys from Wealthy Affiliate, the internet marketing school. Those guys are real and they are millionaires who made it on their own with Affiliate Marketing. When I found them online, I knew I had found what I was looking for, and it was affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the FREE internet marketing way with NO ONE making the rules for you. You really are your own online business boss. The other great bonus for me was NO running after people to join my business. I really hate that:)

Through Wealthy Affiliate I have gotten even more blessings. I met PotPieGirl. Many of you have already probably heard of her. She is the mom from Georgia, who knew that she was going to make money online, and in two years she did it. she made more on her second year than those struggling distributors might ever make, ever. Isn’t it great to have someone like her as your internet buddy who helps you out every time you have a question? Yes, it most certainly is. PotPieGirl is the author of One Week Marketing action plan. If you’ve never made money online before this book could change your life!

The third main blessing that I’ve got from Wealthy Affiliate is I became an expert myself! I have built relationships with people whom I have helped and are still helping now to make money themselves. Wow! It can’t get much any better than that! But I am sure it will, lol.

Through PotPieGirl I also met this great network marketer from England, who makes even more money than she does named Mark Thompson. Is the author of WordpessGoldmine. WordPressGoldmine is just that, a goldmine book, that I have been using to build blogs just like this one. On top of everything I am now also able to contact him on a daily basis for all my little tech problems.

So, in the end for me,without a doubt, affiliate marketing is deffinetly the way out of the rat race. Let me tell you, if you rub yourself long enough against successful people, there is no doubt about it, you will become successful yourself. Yes, you can make affiliate marketing YOUR OWN, but it is not for lazy onces who want to make it at a click of a mouse. There is no such thing as something for nothing. It takes work and determination, but it is the most low investement big retrun online business there is.

Affiliate Marketing (Part 1: The Best Choice)

For my opinion, the Best Online Money Making Business Model for a newbie still Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the Best & No.1 way for a new internet marketer to get started.

Why do I say so? The beauty of Affiliate Marketing are……

1. You can steal people idea to run your own business. ( Don’t worry, the onwers are happy to share their great idea with you.)

2. There is no inventory. No matter you are selling a phisycal product or a non-physical product like e-book there are no doubt of manage your inventory.

3. No doubt of producing or ordering products. (All products are ready for you to sell.)

4. No hassle with payment processors. (Just waiting for your pay cheque.)

5. No hassle with refunds or returns of products sold.

6. The BEST way for you to test, implement & practice all the profitable marketing strategies online. This will bring success in any others online business you pursue in future. (You don’t take any risk.)

Which affiliate programs should I join?

You will find thousands of companies wanting you to sell their stuff for them. The question is, “Will you get paid?” The answer is maybe, maybe not.

WHAT? OK, just relax and let me explain this to you.

If you just go and join any old affiliate program, you are taking a big risk. You have to do this the smart way or forget about ever seeing your commission checks. The top affiliate programs will pay you.

You never join an affiliate program off the website that is selling the product. You have no way of knowing if they pay you or not. If you sell a bunch of their stuff and find out they don’t pay, you really have no recourse short of taking them to court and spending more than they owe you on legal advice.

Sometimes these website owners will set their minimum so high you have to sell for several months before you ever even qualify for a check. I’ve seem minimums as high as $500. A new website selling a single product could take a long time to reach this amount.

So what do you do? You need a third party to keep them honest. This third party is called an affiliate network. An affiliate network has a contract with the selling party. They do all the leg work for the seller by finding qualified affiliates. They look over your website to make sure you aren’t going to embarrass anyone. They keep track of your sales and they pay you.

The seller has to supply the product, package and ship the product and guarantee the product. They pay the network to pay you.

All you have to do is place a link on your site and you are ready to go. Nice deal for you.

These affiliate networks will have hundreds of different affiliate programs for you to choose from. They have programs in all niches. You can join one or fifty or their programs. It’s all up to you. The good news is they will combine sales from all programs for you to reach your minimum. The minimum is usually between $25 and $100. This will seem like a lot when you are first checking your stats. Once you are established, in a month or so, you will reach your minimums many times over.

The point here is if you join affiliate programs from the sellers themselves and all of them have a $100 minimum, you will wait a lot longer before you ever see your first check. That is, of course, assuming they will pay at all.

Now you can see why you never join from the sellers website.

There are several affiliate networks out there. Some are great, some are good. All the networks I have listed here will pay you. The great ones have all the best programs with the big commission percentages and reasonable minimums.

Here are all the networks I use. Start at the top and join. Once you have been approved, you will be able to go through their directories and pick out the programs you want to work with. Most networks will approve you immediately. Some of their clients will have their own approval requirements. This will all be listed on their site.

• Click Bank – All they have are digital products, that is, products that are available by download. These are always big sellers because the buyer gets instant gratification. Instant Approval

• Commission Junction – They deal with companies that sell physical products. Lots of big ticket items available here. Super high cash potential. Plus many smaller items. Great variety.
• PayDotCom – Commission is delivered to your PayPal account. Instant Approval
• Linkshare – They have been around for a long, long time. Huge variety of products and companies to choose from. Instant Approval
• 5 Pillar Club – This program pays 5 levels down. Not an MLM. Join and set a link on your site. Put it on your index page. It doesn’t matter what you are promoting. As soon as you start getting traffic, you will start making money from this one. Instant Approval

Those five are the great ones. Join them now. Look around and see what they have to offer. If you can’t find enough selling products in your field, then join the networks below. (You can join them all now if you want to but you will probably have your hands full with the first five for a while.)

• Websponsors
• Shareasale – Instant Approval
• clickXchange – Instant Approval
• ClixGalore – Instant Approval
• Fast Click
• Dark Blue
• Performics
• Fine Clicks

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to join too much at once. You don’t need 10,000 items to sell. You can always come back here later and join more.

Don’t join other networks you find by the side of the road. Anyone can throw together a network of their affiliate links and you will end up selling for someone else’s profits. The networks I have listed here have been around long enough to prove themselves worthy of joining. And… they will pay you!

Make your affiliate links tiny. Try Tiny URL. It’s Free and super easy!
Important note: There are people out there who want to steal your affiliate commissions. Protect your income with Link Brander. This $147 software is currently FREE. Get it NOW!

Welcome to CoutureCandy’s Affiliate Program

About our Affiliate Program

As CoutureCandy affiliates, you simply place the links we make available on your website, in PPC search networks, etc, and you begin earning commissions immediately. For example, when that visitor from your affiliate link clicks over to CoutureCandy.com and makes a purchase within 30 days from clicking through the link, affiliates earn a commission on each sale. CoutureCandy offers the highest affiliate commissions in the women’s fashion apparel industry at 15% per sale! Also, since our average order is $239, that would earn you $35.85 per sale, SO GET STARTED TODAY!

About CoutureCandy:

CoutureCandy was developed to fill a growing demand for the freshest designer apparel online, without sacrificing the allure, character and personal service distinctive of offline boutiques. We personally have found shopping online to be convenient, but historically lacking in personality and the creative service we’ve always enjoyed in exclusive boutiques. With this in mind, it’s our goal at CoutureCandy to create a modern hybrid of the online and offline shopping experience.

At CoutureCandy, you can shop all the hottest designers in one place and get the latest industry news, read all about the designers, and even keep up on (and purchase) what the celebrities are wearing. You can visit our Celebrity Style section and read up on all the news of what they’re doing and what they’re wearing. Resident celebrity gossip blogger Zack, and guest celebrity gossip bloggers such as Perez Hilton, have plenty to dis and dish. Also, you can take tremendous advantage in finding inspiring wardrobe advice from our in-house Personal Stylists, accessible for free through online chat or our toll-free telephone number at 1-866-399-CANDY.

The CoutureCandy team was assembled in the effort to combine technology, convenience and information with creative, interactive features and top notch customer service. We’re always working to provide you with up-to-the minute, unequaled fashion resources and sincerely welcome your input, ideas, and comments.

From your friends at CoutureCandy, we thank all of you e-fashionistas out there and remind you to spread the word about CoutureCandy!

The Cashburners Affiliate Program: – Is It Worth Joining?

Cashburners is an excellent, free to join affilliate program. Affiliates joining the program can earn commissions – normally between 40-50% by referring customers – who go on to make a purchase – to the Cashburners online store, Favstore.net. New affiliates also receive a $50 welcome bonus, making this program a very attractive option to join.

The products they sell are in very high converting niches, though these niches are often considered to be slightly disreputable, and are sometimes ignored by mainstream internet marketers. There are two ways you can look at this: either the program should be avoided because your competitors avoid it, or it should be exploited because the competition is relatively low. Your decision should be based upon how you feel about the products… or perhaps how you feel about the potential profits!

The products range from herbal supplements to prevent hair loss, through supplements to promote muscle growth, supplements to promote weight loss, other supplements to improve male health (specifically prostate health) and of course supplements that claim to improve a man’s sexual stamina and potency. They also sell a wide range of sex toys and other ’sexual aids’.

Whilst some may frown upon many of these products, as affiliates we cannot deny their high conversion rates, and thus potential profitability. As with any affiliate program that you are planning to join, or researching with a view to joining, the key questions you need to ask yourself before you put in all the time and effort necessary to succeed in the affiliate program are as follows:

* Of what quality are these products? Would I feel as confident about recommending them if I were selling face to face through a brick and mortar outlet, as I do in the (usually anonymous) world of e-commerce?
* How easy is it to promote and sell the products?
* What support do I get from the vendor?
* What are the conversion rates like?
* Just as importantly, what are the refund rates like? Few things are more frustrating for a novice affiliate than to see one of their few sales become a refund, though of course this matters less to experienced affiliates who are shifting a higher volume of referrals, and simply becomes a matter of percentages.
* What is the commission structure like?
* Is it also an MLM program (IE do you have the option of recruiting new members to the program, who then earn you a commission on their sales)?
* How big is the competition, and just how much time and effort (or money if you have an advertising budget) will it take to have my site appear high in SERPs for my chosen keywords?

These are all important questions to address before you leap headfirst into a new affiliate program, and this is why research should take up quite a lot of your time.

In the case of the Cashburners affiliate program, I can broadly answer these questions as follows:

* The products are amongst the highest quality in those niches. How you feel about selling them is your own concern. You should take a look at the Favstore.net homepage to get a better look at the available products and form your own opinion. As for myself, I am currently only promoting 3 of these products – Hair Again, Musclemax Xtreme and Hoodia Extreme. This is largely because I am using a free hosting company to host the relevant websites, and most free hosting companies will not allow any adult-oriented material of any kind. Paid hosting, or Cashburners own free hosting service, will allow you to avoid this problem, if you so choose.
* Competition is relatively low, but without an advertising budget, expect to put in quite a bit of time to build decent traffic to your sites. Concentrate on building backlinks and, if you can, write articles promoting your sites and publish them to the major directories.
* Cashburners has a forum on their homesite where you can get advice and hints and tips from other affiliates, or request support if you have problems. The best support Cashburners give is their promotional material – free website templates for each product, free hosting if you use those templates (which you may modify to avoid the duplicate content penalty) and hundreds of banners to use on your sites or post in advertising exchanges and traffic exchanges.
* Conversion rates vary from product to product. Taking Hoodia as an example, organic traffic to my site converts at about 10-20%, traffic from other sources at about 0.2%. Some affiliates report conversion rates of up to 40% for this product; how true this is I cannot comment!
* Again taking Hoodia, refund rates are about 5% in my case. Please remember that I can give only my own data, and it should not be taken as an absolute figure for all affiliates!
* Commission is good, 40%-50% on all products. The products I promote retail at just below $50 a time.
* Yes, it is an MLM. You earn 10% commission on all sales made by your level 1 and 2 referrals. An even better bonus is that you earn $1 just for referring someone to your downline. We all know how frustrating it is to spend time and effort building downlines, only to have a bunch of useless – sorry I mean ‘inactive’ referrals who never earn you a penny. With Cashburners at least you earn something for each referral.
* Again the competition varies between niches – I deliberately chose competitive niches like weight loss and muscle growth, to see how much time and effort it would take to get my sites listed highly in SERPS. Other niches may have lower competition. You may find it easier to refer other affiliates by posting banners on your online income blogs and webpages.

I hope you found this information useful. For more advice about Cashburners and other affiliate programs, free advertising, traffic generation and SEO ideas, visit my affiliate marketing blog.

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Step By Step To Affiliate Marketing Success

I thought I would share a very easy to understand and easy to follow step by step to start making money online. This is a very precise method that I have been using with great success.

1) Find the right niche

Now, you may or may not know that just selling what YOU like is NOT the answer to your online success. I know of some people who have built sites just because they were passionate by that specific niche, but not making any money with it. However, I do know that selling products or services that may not interest you at all, but which are very hot and popular, will sell and make you tons of money.

So, finding hot niches in order to make money online is really key to success. A very good product that I have found to be helping me a great deal to find hot niches is Micro Niche Finder, thus the name. Micro Niche Finder is not a membership product, which means that you pay for it only once and it is really worth it if you are looking for long term online business.

2) Build a simply WordPress blog with adsense

Next step, you need to build a WordPress blog with your own domain name. It is better to first find the niche and then buy the domain name, so you can have that perfectly adequate domain name matching your niche or product.

If you can is even better to personalize your blog so it won’t look like a “Wordpress blog”, but more like YOUR blog with personalized header and format. You can have that done for $20.

Once you have your domain name, personalized header, you ads from adsense all ready on your site (if you wish), all you need to do is add content to your blog. When your blog is new try to add at least one or two posts a week, then you can add one post every two weeks if you can do any more than that. But if you can, please do.

3) Create a link-wheel and write articles

Once your blog has at least two to three posts start a link wheel. An example of a link-wheel is this:

– Create a Squidoo lens
– Create a Hubpages page
– Create a Gather page
– Create a Weebly page
– Create a Scribd page

Make sure you have a couple of link to your blog on each of those pages as an “anchor text” and then do this:

– Create a link on your Squidoo lens pointing (as an anchor text) to your Hubpages page.
– Create a link on your Hubpages page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Gather page.
– Create a link on your Gather page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Weebly page.
– Create a link on Your Weebly page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Scribd page.

Do not close the circle, just leave it that way.

Then, write articles linking only to your blog to high rank articles directories. The ones that I use the most right now are StreetArticles, Ezinearticles, theFreelibray, GoArticles, Isnare, jabberdi, etc… there are more. You can choose whichever one you want, but try to pick the one that have the highest Page Rank, such as the one mentioned above.

Then use social media sites and bookmark each of your pages and articles. Once you’ve done that, you will see how your page will go up the Google rankings and be on first page if you have done your homework well in choosing a good niche.

This works wonders and it’s easy to do.