Month: January 2016

Why is content development so important?

If you didn’t read the little story about the stores in your neighborhood, read it here. Use your back button on your browser to return here. That gives you a good idea why content is so important. If you are still not convinced, continue reading, I will convince you. By the way, this step is ….  Read More

Make Money Affiliate Marketing Business

You can make money affiliate marketing by selling products belonging to other people for a commission. For electronically deliverable products suh as software or eBooks, that will be from 50% uopwards, though mostly 50% of the sales price. For hard goods it will be considerably lower It is easy to make money affiliate marketing, but ….  Read More

Why Is Affiliate Maketing A Financial Freedom Door?

The very best advantage about affiliate marketing is that you can start your online business with no upfront money whatsoever. What other business can you think about that would allow you such a freedom to start a business that could bring you back tons of money? No very many, indeed. With affiliate marketing you don’t ….  Read More

Affiliate Marketing (Part 2: The Golden Rules)

Howdy, Buddies! Let’s continue with Affiliate Marketing Part 2: The Golden Rules. This is the part which most of the affiliate marketer will miss out. But for me these are the KEYS of success in Affiliate Marketing, so I called it as “The Golden Rules in Affiliate Marketing“. All games start with RULES, understand the ….  Read More

Why Did I Quite Being A Distributor For An Internet Maketing Company

Are you still struggling as a distributor for a big internet marketing company? I know I was. Why did I quite being broke for a big internet marketing company to become an affiliate marketing? When I started with the internet marketing business in late 2005, all I knew is that some people were making big ….  Read More

Affiliate Marketing (Part 1: The Best Choice)

For my opinion, the Best Online Money Making Business Model for a newbie still Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the Best & No.1 way for a new internet marketer to get started. Why do I say so? The beauty of Affiliate Marketing are…… 1. You can steal people idea to run your own business. ( ….  Read More

Which affiliate programs should I join?

You will find thousands of companies wanting you to sell their stuff for them. The question is, “Will you get paid?” The answer is maybe, maybe not. WHAT? OK, just relax and let me explain this to you. If you just go and join any old affiliate program, you are taking a big risk. You ….  Read More

Welcome to CoutureCandy’s Affiliate Program

About our Affiliate Program As CoutureCandy affiliates, you simply place the links we make available on your website, in PPC search networks, etc, and you begin earning commissions immediately. For example, when that visitor from your affiliate link clicks over to and makes a purchase within 30 days from clicking through the link, affiliates ….  Read More

The Cashburners Affiliate Program: – Is It Worth Joining?

Cashburners is an excellent, free to join affilliate program. Affiliates joining the program can earn commissions – normally between 40-50% by referring customers – who go on to make a purchase – to the Cashburners online store, New affiliates also receive a $50 welcome bonus, making this program a very attractive option to join. ….  Read More

Step By Step To Affiliate Marketing Success

I thought I would share a very easy to understand and easy to follow step by step to start making money online. This is a very precise method that I have been using with great success. 1) Find the right niche Now, you may or may not know that just selling what YOU like is ….  Read More