Picking the right Domain Name for your Website

What should my domain name be?

When you are picking your domain name, make it keyword(s) that are relevant to your website topic. Not only will this help with your search engine optimization but it will help people remember you.
I waited for you to pick your domain name after you did all your keyword research so you would have a real good idea of what your name should be. Now you will be able to select a name that will help you gain traffic.

If you were looking for computers online, would you be more incline to go to computers.com or joeswebsite.com? If you are thinking you would go to dell or gateway, that’s only because these companies have made a name for themselves, you haven’t. No one knows what’s at joeswebsite.com. Make your name have meaning.

If you are lucky enough to find computers.com available. Grab it. I don’t mean get that domain name, I mean get the name that matches your topic. Flowers.com, houses.com, dogs.com, etc. It is not likely you will ever find those names available.

So now what do you do? Pick two or three keywords that will describe your site. This should be very easy. Look at your main page. The home page for your site. Which two or three words come up most often?

These are the words you will want to use.

When you are searching for the availability of your chosen domain name, don’t use dashes or underscores in the name. Google has decided that dashed domain names are unprofessional and a form of search engine s.p.a.m.

If you want to rank good with Google and the other search engines, you will have to pick a domain name that is all one word.

Most people prefer to use a dot com name only because it is easy to remember. If you can’t find your chosen name in a dot com format, don’t be afraid to use dot net, dot biz, or any of the other formats available.

My most successful website is a dot net website.

Find several available domain names that would work for your site and make a list. Read the list many times. Wait a day or two and think about them. Ask some friends or family members what they think about your domain names.

Try to pick a name that will be easy to remember. Make sure you don’t use any words that are hard to spell. You don’t want your visitors trying to find you again but can’t figure out how to spell ‘effervescent’ or some other, hard to spell word.

Make sure you have the words spelled right.

This is not something you are going to be able to change once you buy the domain name. Make sure you are very happy with it and it will work for your website. Say it out loud. Pretend you are answering the phone using the domain name. This will be your company name. This is your signature. Make sure you will be proud to use it.

This is a big step. Take your time.

Go to Netfirms (finish reading first) and click on domain names on the top link bar (On Netfirms website). Don’t use the domain search box on the first page, click on the domain names link and start your search there. If you use the search box on the first page, you will be agreeing to buy web space for $119.00 along with your domain name. All you want is the name. If you plan to use Netfirms web space, you will get free space with the purchase of the domain name or you can buy a smaller package. You don’t need the $119.oo package.

DON’T BUY YOUR NAME IN THIS STEP! You are researching right now. You will buy your name soon. Don’t jump ahead, follow the steps.

Domain names at Netfirms are only $4.95 a year. This is the place you will want to buy your name. Decide upfront if you are going to purchase a hosting package from them. I believe you will get your domain name free if you buy a hosting package. Keep in mind, the price of hosting is a monthly charge. More on hosting in the next step. (Read the next step while you are trying out your new name before you buy.)

You can search for domain names at Netfirms as many times as you want to. This website will also suggest names similar to your pick if your pick is not available. This might help you.
Go ahead and start your search. Have fun and take your time.


Netfirms will only allow you to buy 5 domain names at this price of $4.95. After that they will charge you more. I can’t say how much more because they run specials from time to time. Currently, the price after the $4.95 is $9.95.

When you are ready to buy your sixth domain name, see what they are charging and also check GoDaddy . Go Daddy currently charges $9.20. They both have all the features you want in a domain registering company. Sometimes you will get your name cheaper at Netfirms and sometimes it will be cheaper at GoDaddy . Comparison shop for the best price.

P.S. You have most of the hard work done. This is going to get much more interesting real soon. Let’s look at Hosting.

Looking for an HTML Editor?

What is an HTML Editor? It is a program that helps you build web pages. Also known as WYSIWYG. This stands for “what you see is what you get”. With and HTML editor or WYSIWYG, you build the pages on your computer and you can see what they will look like on a browser before you actually publish the page or web site.

With a program like this, you don’t have to know any HTML or CSS to build professional web pages. The editor does all the coding for you. They work very similar to Microsoft Word.

I use FrontPage. It is a good program but it’s kind of pricey. FrontPage and Dreamweaver seem to be the programs of choice. I did tell you that you can build a website without spending any money so here are some free editing programs you could use.

These programs are fine for your first go. Once you have made some money, you will probably want to upgrade and make you life a little easier.

Please understand, these are free programs that I know nothing about. I use FrontPage so I don’t have a use for another editor.

Please don’t write me and ask me how they work. I don’t know. If the one you choose is too hard to figure out and it doesn’t have a help file, just delete it and try a different one.

There are probably more free HTML editors out there somewhere. You can try to find your own if you don’t like any of these. It is easiest to build your website with one of these programs. If you want to just write your pages on notepad, make sure the hosting service you choose has a way for you to edit your pages on their server. With an editor you get your pages looking just the way you want them and FTP them to the server.

Anyway, here are the free editors. I hope you can find one of them to be useful. The information provided here is not my review. It is what the program owner has to say about his software:
NVU Editor – New “Open Source” Editor for all operating systems. Created to be similar to FrontPage and Dreamweaver. This is a FREE forever program.

DFM2HTML is a compact WYSIWYG Web page creator which is suitable for beginners as for professional designers used to CSS coding in the same way. Effects like shadow, anti-aliasing, rotation or even round corners can be easily applied. DFM2HTML has a build-in FTP Upload manager for instant publishing of your site. The Presets dialog offers a wide range of mouse-over buttons and navigation bars.

PageBreeze is a powerful FREE HTML Editor which has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag modes. PageBreeze’s design emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use. You’ll find that you’ll be creating great looking websites almost instantly–with virtually no learning curve! PageBreeze offers the kind of power you would find in commerical products like Front Page/ Dreamweaver in a free editor. Key features include a drag and drop form builder and more!

Alleycode HTML is an intuitive, robust and fully functional HTML editor with unique features such as: Synchro View, real time two way synchronized code/design view. Assignments, for quick access to projects. Turf View, full document view with fast right click control. Exhaustive Click’n’Insert HTM3.2 – 4.1, CSS and PHP function libraries. Alleycode is great for all knowledge of HTML (Includes Step by Step Quick Start Tutorial).
System Requirements: Win95 or higher, 16MB HD – Microsoft operating system: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

HotHTML 2001 is a free html editor catered for all types of web developers with an intuitive and user-friendly interface and helpful wizards, integrated previewing & tools for those migrating from WYSIWYG editors to the real world of web development. Supports HTML, ASP and Perl languages.

Arachnophilia is a full featured HTML editor (written in JAVA) with an internal browser “Instant View” mode shows your HTML changes as you make them with each keystroke! It supports up to 6 Web browsers, switches between them in a flash. Arachnophilia offers development of HTML, frames, CGI, Perl, C++, Java and Javascript with many intelligent tools and functions, as wellas a built-in intelligent FTP client, that automatically uploads changed filesto your server.

SuperEdi is a text editor with syntax coloring and build-in FTP client. The build-in directory tree helps you locate files quickly without opening the Windows Explorer. Context sensitive information is available via keyword lookup in help files or web sites. The editor is extendable using programs, text clips, automation scripts and HTML dialogs. SuperEdi supports Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16 as well as many locale- specific encodings.

The Richtext Editor project is an Open Source project hosted by SourceForge.net. The editor is an Internet Explorer based WYSIWYG HTML Text Editor which can be hosted in a web page or form. It requires no additional components as it is written entirely in DHTML and JavaScript.

If you are interested in buying FrontPage or DreamWeaver, here are the links to those sites. If you have trouble with these programs, they do come with technical support. If money is an issue, don’t spend $200 – $400 on an editor. You don’t buy a Fender Stratocaster before you even know how to play a guitar. Make sure this is what you really want to do before you pour a bunch of money into it.

Do’s and Don’ts for this Web Marketing Course


Thanks for giving my program a try. If you follow the steps I have laid out here, you are sure to succeed.

Please read this page in it’s entirety.

If you really want to succeed in building an online business, you will have to work at it. There is no fast and easy way to do it. It takes time and it takes work. If you aren’t willing to work at it, you will just be wasting your time here.

I’m pretty sure McDonalds is hiring.


• Do start at the beginning and work to the end.
• Do take each step seriously. No step is optional.
• Do work at your own pace. This isn’t a race. It takes time to build a business.
• If I recommend some software that will make your job easier and you can afford it, feel free to buy. It isn’t necessary to buy any software to complete this program. Only buy if it will not hurt your budget.
• Do follow this step by step program in it’s correct order. That’s why there are steps.
• Do Bookmark this site right now so you will be able to find your way back.
• Do read my disclaimer.


• Don’t do anything until it is time to do it.
• Don’t pick a topic that you know nothing about just cause you think it’s a money maker. Any subject will make you plenty of money, choose a topic you know a lot about.
• Don’t buy your domain name until you get to that step.
• Don’t join any affiliate programs until you get to that step. (Most programs won’t let you join without a website anyway) You don’t want to make the mistake of joining a program that won’t pay you.
• Don’t try to join Google AdSense before your have your website live. They don’t allow it and you could do more harm than good.
• Don’t spend any money on any get rich quick schemes, they don’t work.
• Don’t try to build more than one website at a time.
• Don’t worry about web hosting right now.
• Don’t try to skip ahead and save time. There are no short cuts.
• Don’t over work yourself. You don’t want to burnout before you start. Work at a pace that you can live with. There is plenty of time, the internet is not going to close.
• Don’t worry about the details. You will learn everything you need to know when you need to know it.
• Don’t even start if you aren’t willing to read and write. No website will ever make you any money if you won’t read how to do it and write compelling content.

Building a real money making website is possible for anyone. You will have all the information you need to start and finish right here. I don’t leave anything to chance. There is no guesswork involved.

You are about to build a business. Not just a website. A real online business. Something you will profit from for years to come. Do it right and see your dreams finally come true.