4 Factors For A Successful Campaign

Have you ever experienced having to decide on what keywords to optimize, what products to promote but still, the money isn’t coming in? I have, and through my experiences, I have come to find out that there are 4 factors that should be met, to have a successful campaign in affiliate marketing, blog or any other online business.

Market Research

People are using the internet to find what they need, what they need to know or need to buy. Therefore, it is only logical to think of the search term they enter on search engines as potential market. Like for example, web design is a market and affiliate marketing is another market. And these market may be subdivided into different sub markets like real estate web design, small business web design or web 2.0 web design. If people are entering those keyword terms in the search engine, they want to know about those terms or buy products related to those terms. It only makes sense to know which keywords are used by the market to buy a product or search info about the product.


Are there people looking for a product or a solution to their problem? If there are, there is opportunity. Like the Law of Supply and demand.


I used to be afraid of going to competitive market. Simply because I am still noob at this that I look for market that are high in traffic and little to no competition. I have come to find out that this is wrong. The best market out there are those with high competition. Because many people are there, the market can sustain the spending of your competition in advertisement. I am now more afraid to take on no competition market because there must be a reason why no people are in there. Maybe the market isn’t buying.

You can easily do a market research by using google and their tools. One of the best tools out there and is free is google’s keyword tool at google.com/keywords.


Bloggers are master of driving traffic to their site. They are good at creating and spreading buzz all over the intarweb. I am always amazed by how good they drive traffic to their site that my server crashes. I’m not mad or anything, just amazed. But with regards to this topic, are we getting the traffic that are related to our market?

There are 3 kinds of traffic

The Browser – People that are just passing by. Probably a friend or someone that knows you that want to check out your site from time to time. Maybe they buy, maybe not.

The Iffy Traffic – People that are on the edge of buying but still hesitant. They arrive at your site and decided to buy later.

Trickle Traffic – These are people that are ready to enter that credit card details. Trickle traffic is sometimes defined as low but laser targetted traffic.

With this in mind, are you getting the best quality traffic from the search engines?


So you have a market and you got traffic going to your site and the people visiting your site are the right people. The next question is, are they willing to spend? There is no other way to test the market for conversion rate but to promote something and test it out for a week. Sometimes I will use amazon affiliate to test the market out or pepperjam offers. If someone buy within a month’s time, you know you got a winner market. According to survey, for every 200 visitors you should get 1 sale, this is to know if the market is feasible.


Once you got your market, drove traffic to your site and you know that people in the market are actually buying, its time to find a real product. This can be your own product or services or focus on promoting affiliate product.

As you can see, the 4 factors should be done accordingly. People sometimes jump to the next phase as developing the product first before they promote and drive traffic to the site. Or they drove traffic to their site first before actually knowing if there are people searching for it. The good thing about the internet is that, you can never guess.

Writing Articles

Writing Articles – You won’t Find a More Powerful Free Traffic System

Articles are said to be the Most Powerful Way to Get Free Traffic. Write articles about your web site theme or project, post them to article directories, and voila! You start getting free traffic.

Is it really that easy? No, it’s not easy but it is beautiful in it’s simplicity. It really does take a lot of work, but work that will pay off big time, in the traffic you’ll receive to your web site.

The hardest part for the beginner, is writing your first article. But once past this hurdle, the task of writing becomes easier as you gain confidence and become more comfortable with writing.

In the winter of 2007, I find 3 topics that are the most discussed in Internet Marketing newsletters and blogs.

1- Getting Free Traffic with Article Marketing
2- Building a List
3- Firesales under $10, and Giveaway events. Both are used to build your list.

With that said, it became obvious to me that my web site should have a greater presence about Marketing with Articles. So I recently added this new category: Best Affiliate Products and named it appropriately Article Marketing for Traffic Have a look there, and come back after a while as I keep adding even more information.

Marketing with Articles serves to do more that just bring you traffic. Writing about your product or project is obviously the most common way to get the message across to your readers. Product reviews, if done carefully, are used to “presell” or warm up your readers about a product you are promoting.

Testimonials, which are actually mini-mini articles of one or two paragraphs, are also tremendously effective in sending traffic. ‘How-to’ articles are very popular due to the benefits derived from summarizing and emphasizing the most effective ways to ‘get it done’.

The bottom line is this: get serious about doing some writing yourself, or have it done for you. The principal way your site will become noticed, is if you have lots of informative content on it.

If you’re not prepared to offer good content, then forget about having this kind of web site. Go find a niche (specialty) that doesn’t need quality content… yeh, right. Well good luck with that.

Wealthy Affiliate FAQS

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any additional questions, email me, and I will be happy to help.

1. How much money will I need to you started with Wealthy Affiliate?
The cost of the wealthy affiliate is 39.00 per month. There are no additional costs. There is an entire section that teaches you how to make money with no start up fees. Most members start here because it is free and, the best way to learn before risking any money.

2. How much will it cost me to make money with wealthy affiliate?
Wealthy Affiliate provides several methods that are 100% free to help get you started. Such as the penny pincher technique, Squidoo optimization, and article marketing. This is nice you don’t have to ever risk losing any money.

3. Is Wealthy Affiliate only for Adwords (pay per click advertising)
No, Wealthy Affiliate provides several methods of free advertising that do not cost a penny.

4. How long will it take me to start making money?
That will be different for everyone depending on how much time you have to apply the techniques that you learn at Wealthy Affiliate. I have very little time because I am very busy with my “job” and I am also busy taking care of my daughter. However, it only took me about a month to start getting a few sales. With Clickbank, it only takes a sale or 2 to pay for your membership. Anything after that is icing on the cake. You can promote anything you want.

I just used Clickbank as an example.

5. Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?
No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam or get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and persistence to be a successful internet marketer. It is like any other business. Also, if you have checked out WA, you will notice that the owners, Carson and Kyle, do not make any outrageous promises.

6. What if I can’t afford 39.00 a month?
If you can’t afford the wealthy affiliate, the next best product that I have found is Profit Lance. There is no forum or mentoring. But, Profit Lance provides an overwhelming amount of information and videos for a one time fee of $77. There is a rumor that the one time payment will no longer be available in the future. Profit lance is in the process of converting to a monthly membership website like the Wealthy Affiliate. This is currently a very good value because you get lifetime access to updates for a one time payment of $77. Profit lance also comes with an eight week guarantee. Here is a review of the 3 best products I have found.

7. Can I cancel my Wealthy Affiliate Membership at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at anytime with no cancellation fee or penalties. Just log on to your PayPal account and cancel. You are in complete control of your membership.

6. Can anyone make money with wealthy affiliate?
Yes, if you spend the time and energy. I really think anyone can succeed. The forum is filled with successful people that are more than willing to help. The owners also answer questions and provide one-on-one support. There are so many success stories that it makes you feel like your time will come. If you get discouraged, someone will always seem to have a similar experience which keeps you motivated.

8. Is this a get rich quick scam?
No, if you’re looking to get what rich quick, this is not a good program for you. The Wealthy Affiliate requires commitment and hard work. There are several successful stories on the Forum.

9. Do I need a website?
No, the Wealthy Affiliate provides free website building tools that allow you to build websites in minutes with free hosting. They also give you several other options that are completely free.

10. How much will I make?
This is impossible to answer. It only took me about a month to start making money. If you work at it consistently, you will eventually make money. There were so many members that were ready to quit that are now making hundreds of dollars per day.

11. Is the Wealthy Affiliate a good program for beginners with no experience?
Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place for beginners. There is a step by step 8 week action plan and learning center for beginners. Several members got started at Wealthy Affiliate with no experience and are now making hundreds per day. You have the support of the Forum and Carson and Kyle. The forum is awesome because there are members from beginner to advanced participating and helping each other. This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate special. Someone is always there to help. If you buy a typical ebook, who is going to answer your questions?

12. Can I use a Mac Computer?
Yes, Wealthy Affiliates will work fine with a Mac Computer.

13. Do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliates after I join?
No, you can promote anything you want. There are millions of products that you can promote. Several members do promote Wealthy Affiliate. However, this is totally up to you.

14. Why is the Wealthy Affiliate better than other programs, and why should I buy wealthy affiliate?
A step-by-step eight week guide that takes you by the hand and explains everything in detail. Do this and then do this next.

Help and support from other members. The forum is full of helpful tips and advice.
Personal coaching from the owners.

Learning Center with 3 different levels from beginner to advanced
Support, you become part of a family that goes out of their way to help you. Successful members love to help others succeed.

Tools to help with your marketing including a keyword research tool.
Site Cubix is included to help you build a website with no html experience.

Members receive free website hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate is full of successful members that enjoy helping others. It amazes me how nice and helpful other members are to new members. The successful members really enjoy giving back.

Most any question you have has already been answered on the forum, 8 week action plan, or learning center, so you get an answer it instantly. Just do a search on the forum. If you can’t find the answer to your question, make a new post and someone will answer your question. The Forum is very active.

15. What if I don’t like Wealthy Affiliate?
You can cancel anytime through PayPal. There are no cancellation fees or penalties. You’re only risking $39.00 which is cheaper than most e-books.

Turn Your Blog In To a Money Making Machine

First of all, what is a blog anyway? How does it differ from a web page? The main difference is that conventional web pages are relatively static; you create a site and it doesn’t change much, if at all, after that. Blogs are dynamic, the blogger is adding fresh content frequently, and visitors are usually invited to leave a comment. This often results in very interesting and helpful blogs.

Another big advantage of having a blog is that the owner can change content and add more content very easily and quickly. With a conventional web site it’s not so easy, and site owners often have to contact the webmaster and ask her to make changes. In some cases this could take days or weeks.

Google adsense is one way to bring in revenue. All you have to do is apply to Google and they will put ads on your page. These will be ads that are related to your web page, and anytime someone clicks on one of the ads and makes a purchase, you will get paid a commission. Not bad, considering you don’t have to do any work.

Another way to monetize your site is to do product reviews. Just pick a product, learn all about it, then tell your visitors what you think about the product. Clickbank is a good place to find something to promote. Just contact the person in the Clickbank ad and they will give you instructions and a link to their site so you will get your commissions. A good idea is to review some similar products also.

Don’t trash a competitor’s product, but you can point out any weaknesses. You can even mention a weakness in your own product – nothing is perfect, right? You will gain credibility by doing this, visitors will see that you’re being honest and upfront.

Everyone of course wants high traffic for their blog, and once you start getting high traffic new opportunities open up. For instance, advertisers will pay good money to advertise on your site, and that’s because of your high traffic. There are many things you will have to do to get the number of visitors you want, but there’s not enough room to discuss it here.

Building an email list is one of the smartest things you can do. These are people who have learned valuable things from you, and expect to keep on learning from you. They have given you permission to send them emails from time to time, so you must give them high quality information. Some of the emails you send to them will contain links to ebooks, software, etc. So here you have another revenue stream.

Super Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can get a super affiliate marketing career, if you have the right guidelines and tools. There are many rules that you should follow to get a successful online marketing business. Some of these rules are:

Understand the needs of your customers

You should try to understand what kind of information your prospects or customers are looking for, when they visit your website. If you know what they are searching, you can provide that and be a pro atsuper affiliate marketing.

Believe in your product

If you want to get a super affiliate marketing business, you must believe in your product. If you think your product is not good, you cannot expect your clients to trust it. You should go for a product that you think is good, and can really help people.

Add timeless content

Try to add content which does not pertain to a certain date or time period. If a visitor comes on an old page, and sees that it is outdated information, he will click away. To make your content timeless, you can provide links to new content on your old pages. This is a good approach to super affiliate marketing.

Patience is a virtue

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to be patient. If you want to dive into online marketing, and come out dry in a few months, then you shouldn’t go for it in the first place. A lot of patience is required if you want a super affiliate marketing business.

All these above guidelines will help you succeed in your affiliate marketing campaign. There are many tools, books, and courses that you can take to achieve super affiliate marketing career. Affiliate marketing requires hard work in the initial stages, but later you can just relax and earn money.

Do you want to become a successful affiliate marketer and discover the secrets to making money on the internet? All the secrets are revealed in this video. Finally discover where the money is online and how to get it.

My Affiliate Profits Blueprint

Every year lots of people join the affiliate marketing business, and drop out within the first few months. The dropout ratio of these affiliate marketers is quite high, though there are many successful affiliate marketers, who make millions of dollars every year through their business. How do these super affiliate marketers make money, and what are their secrets? And more importantly, how can you benefit from their secrets?

You can learn all that if you join some good online Internet marketing tutorial like the My Affiliate Profits Blueprint. If you are enticed by the profits and advantages of affiliate Internet marketing, you should prepare yourself first. You cannot just make money if you do not know anything about this business. Good training is very essential for success. This goes for just about any business.

How do you get good training for affiliate marketing? Most of the successful affiliate marketers almost never give away their secrets. To know the actual tricks to get successful in this business, you will have to join a good online program like the My Affiliate Profits Blueprint. But this is not the only program, and you can register yourself with any program that you like.

One common mistake that new affiliate Internet marketers make is to think that affiliate marketing business is a get rich quick scheme. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of hard work and patience. In case you are not willing to work hard, this business is not for you.

If you are willing to devote your time and work in this business, all you need is a little bit of training. Register yourself with a good online program, for instance the My Affiliate Profits Blueprint, and start making money from home by working towards a successful Internet marketing business.

Do you want to become a successful affiliate marketer and discover the secrets to making money on the internet? All the secrets are revealed in this video. Finally discover where the money is online and how to get it.

Make Money Online: A Beginner’s Guide

You may have heard entrepreneurs say you can make money online very easily. Even while you sleep! It’s a breeze that even an amateur Affiliate Marketer can do it. That’s true, but it’s quite a bit more difficult than what many people promise, and you’ve got to put in lots of work.

The internet can create millionaires because there’s so much more room to grow. As more people become comfortable using it or purchasing merchandise over the internet, the greater the opportunity to make profits. The internet has already made more millionaires than any other business in history. However, most people who start an internet business don’t make any money to speak of. Why would that be? There are various reasons, but giving up is the main reason. Many people quit when they find out how much work is involved, or the money doesn’t start rolling in fast enough.

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online With a Blog

There’s a million and one different resources out there explaining how to make money online. Many of them are vague and repeat some mantra similar to “Follow your passion.” That’s all well and good, but that’s not very specific.
Making money online for a beginner can be overwhelming and time consuming at the least. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t fall prey to the many online scams that will take your money and run. You should take the time to research before committing yourself to any online program; it’s well worth the time to make sure that what the program offers is actually what you will get.

There are many different ways that you can earn money at home such as article writing, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, promoting your own product, etc.. But I believe the best of them all is affiliate marketing. Do you want to become a self-made affiliate millionaire online? It’s certainly possible, but will take some time.

We are in the virtual age and practically everything is moving online. Making money online, no surprise, is the new thing to do, and why not? It’s not that hard, you set your own hours, get to be your own boss, and best of all, see money roll into your bank account. This is made all the easier once you market your company or product and get traffic to your site. The way to do this is through internet marketing.

Do you know how to eat an elephant? The answer is: one bite at a time. Find your own pace. When you were a child, you weren’t forced to learn how to read before first learning your alphabet. Learn one new thing at a time and do not be afraid to take baby steps. If you’re one of those who learn faster than others, then take bigger bites off the huge chunk of information.

Filter opportunities. By this time, you would already have a pretty good idea of the type of marketing you would like to do. Read sales pages closely, read reviews, try to find out as much as you can before implementing or buying something.

When an opportunity to earn comes your way, it wouldn’t hurt to question it and ask, is this worth my time? Will it benefit not only me but ultimately, my audience? Is there even a market for this? Geft assistance. Not from just anyone. Locate an internet marketing expert who has definitely assisted others to be successful, they must have a good following.

Signing up with an internet coach can be an excellent way to go, provided you have found out that he has helped a lot of people make money. Read all the testimonials too. But a note of caution: they can be very expensive. If you find one that’s very good, it will cost a lot, if someone is not that good, they won’t charge nearly as much.

Guide to Internet Money Making

Many people out there are stuck at a dead end job and are not able to do the things they want to do. Luckily for us, money making opportunities on the internet are growing each and every year. Imagine sitting on your computer for a couple of hours a week, making extra money in your spare time.

That Sounds Great, But How Can I Do This?

The first step is to decide what method you want to use to build an online business. You could create your own product, register with Clickbank, and have affiliates earning money for you. But beware, this is a difficult area to get started in, and will take an enormous amount of time. If you go the affiliate marketing route, which I recommend, you will see results much quicker. And you will retain your sanity.

To recap, an affiliate marketer sells other peoples products and receives a commission for every sale. You will find that the people who have products to sell on Clickbank often will help you in various ways, such as having ads, articles, and banners for you to use. Affiliate marketing is hard to beat.

There are many other ways to make money online. Many people have become millionaires selling items on ebay. You could become an SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization,) website builder, article writer, the list goes on. Take your pick.

Getting Started

When you have decided that you would like to work at home to make money online, the first thing you will have to find out is, what will I do, and where do I start.

Well, as someone said, a good place to start is at the beginning. But if you’re new to internet marketing, how would you know exactly where to start? It’s mind boggling to begin something like this, with so much information it can overwhelm you. In addition, there are so many ways to earn money online which just adds to the feeling of information overload And as you most likely know, there’s a steep learning curve.

If you’re a newcomer I hope you don’t think it’s impossible to earn a significant amount of money on the internet. Many people believe this to be true, but it’s not, it’s just difficult. There are people earning anywhere from $1000 a month to $30,000 per month, and much more. The $30,000 per month is not a typing error. As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to make money online, but it’s generally agreed amongst successful marketers that affiliate marketing is the best way to get started.

There are websites such as Clickbank that have thousands of items which you can promote. Clickbank has been around for a long time, I have worked with them and I most certainly recommend them.The way it works is, someone has a product they want to sell, they register with Clickbank, enter all the information about their product,and how much commission they pay. Then you or I sign up with them, promote their product, and receive a commission. Commissions are very generous, and run anywhere from 50% to 75%.

Article Marketing Tactics For Your Blog

At first glance, it might seem rather a strange notion, why would you want to use article marketing as a strategy to increase traffic to your weblog, which is essentially a journal? The answer is in fact in the question – to increase traffic to your blog. But, do article marketing tactics really work for blogs?


Given a blog is essentially an online journal that you create, one thing that you can be sure it has got is lots of high value content rich material. Given also that most blogs are far more than a personal online diary, but aimed at specific niche areas, and you start to ask yourself why article marketing tactics are not used as part of your marketing strategy! However, when you add a final element, that most bloggers are more internet savvy than other users of the internet, and the whole concept of blogger article marketing becomes a no-brainer!

Getting started

If you want to start an article marketing campaign for you blog, the first action youll need to do is to find around 25 – 30 topic areas in the materials on your blog that you want to convert over to form part of your article marketing strategy. Once you have identified these areas, you then need to compile article of around 200 – 500 words in length. Although this may sound like a large job, given you already have the written material, it should not be too onerous a task, more of an editing job.

Submitting the articles

Once you have the 25 – 30 articles prepared, you then need to start your article marketing campaign in earnest. To do this, youll need to find websites that are willing to publish the material. Before agreeing to submit an article, you should always try and check to see if exposing your article to that site will increase your blog traffic. One sure way to do that is to see how many visitors per day the website gets.

Dont forget, in addition to the articles themselves, you will also need to make sure that each article you submit includes details of (a) your name; (b) your blog URL; (c) some details about you; and (d) some details about your weblog. Hopefully the content in your articles, with the information about you and your blog, will encourage the reader to click the URL to visit your weblog. In that case, a perfect article marketing campaign has been executed.

Making sure you have a niche area

Obviously, article marketing as a strategy for your weblog is going to be far more successful if your blog is in a niche area – say snowboarding – than if your blog is merely your online journal. Therefore, as with all marketing strategies, you do need to give some consideration to making sure you have a market to target your articles at. If you do not, or if your weblog is of a generic type, then article marketing may not be the ideal marketing tool for you.

Getting results

No article marketing strategy is going to make you an overnight million. However, if you have taken the advice of the above and executed as near perfect an article marketing strategy as possible, you should find that month-on-month visitors to your weblog do increase. In turn this should help you to (a) generate more sales through your blog; (b) generate more sales on your website that is linked to your weblog; (c) increase your potential advertising sales on both your website and blog.