Want To Earn 6 Digits Eh?

Almost all people will judge you by how much money you make and if you won’t tell them how much, they will ask you what you do. Then they’ll try to make themselves look better than you. This is what I experience when I attend reunions or alumni homecomings. Just like my friends says “Payabangan lang yun”.

I am not mad at these people. I find it amusing. And it make me feel happy that people are happy with what their status in life are. Think about it, would you rather hear a sad (poverty) story from other people? Or a story of excitement of success?

To make themselves even feel good, I always put myself less successful than they are. It makes them talk about more of themselves. Its fun. They will ask, what’s your job? I will answer, “I stay at home & I have no job.” I never really lied because, what I’m doing is not a job, but a business.

Then here comes people that will talk about their failure. These are people that I really don’t want to listen to… Because you are always in command of what you can accomplish. So when I hear people that they only make this much in their job. They should print out this list.

Social Blogging vs. Affiliate Marketing

Last night, before going to sleep, I was watching a video from the previous affiliate summit in Las Vegas. One part of the summit, affiliate marketers get the chance to talk and answer some questions on how to go about the affiliate marketing industry. Right after that talk, there were A list bloggers get the chance to speak and go about how they earn money in blogging.

I just noticed, John Chow, wasn’t with the bloggers that earns money, he was a speaker with the affiliate marketers. lol. Just proves what he really is about. Making tons of money not by blogging buy by affiliate marketing.

Now on to the topic, there was a question from the audience that brought my attention… You see, the Social Bloggers are promoting social interaction with people with other blogs, building relationship and says that building relationship takes time (and reputation). I agree with that… Now, what really hit the spot is the question “Don’t you think its kind of time consuming to build a relationship with people, answering blog comments, posting blog comments, posting to twitter, promoting your blog and still you get that $30 adsense check per month?” The panels said, “Well yes, its time consuming… But if you want to really build the relationship and trust with people, you’ll do this things.”

I am amazed, and I realized how much these people spend time with their blog. For me actually, this is kind of the extreme… Twitter is extreme. Its a micro blog that let’s you tweet a one liner post and let the whole world know. It is the extreme because it kills the “REAL” social interaction. Phone calls, dinner, going out. And most importantly, they starve! $30 adsense check (coming from an A list blogger!)… This really proved that you won’t earn a lot of money with adsense on a blog (a personal, blog about anything blog). But with affiliate sales and direct advertisements.

Now on to affiliate marketing, this is my favorite part of the whole summit. Super affiliates earning 5 digit ($) a day sharing their secrets and tips. What I noticed is that these people are off high intelligence (geek as they say) but with a business sense. One speaker, Amit (forgot his surname), a Ph.d in Physics, an affiliate marketer, using his knowledge in physics to get that tons of dollar a day. What I like about affiliate marketing is that they focus on methods, efficiency and most importantly, time.

Comparing social blogging and affiliate marketing in few words:

Social Blogging

The How :

Build trust, socialize. Hence, social blogger.
People know you as a person, what’s your business, how you make money.
Doing things for the passion of it. Money is secondary.
The Money : Direct advertising, Contextual ads, Affiliate sales

The Bad : Too much time needed! Too much!!!

The Good : Very rewarding, fame and popularity. Lots of money from direct advertisements.

Affiliate Marketing

The How :

Build sites that caters to the needs of consumers.
Most of the time, anonymous.
You don’t want people to know who owns this site or how you make money.
Money and time is the primary goal.
The Money : Pure affiliate sales

The Bad :

Too much competition.
Sites being ripped off.
Needs to have programming, copywriting, designing and marketing knowledge.
Lots of loop holes.
Will cost you money if you fail (lots of it).
People don’t know you.
Will cost you time and not sure of the profitability (high risk).
The Good : Tons of money to be made, I mean tons. People don’t know you.

I think the fact that if you want to make money online goes for everybody in what they want to be like. If you’re passionate about writing, socializing or just blogging, you can make decent amount of money by being a social blogger. But if you focus on the business, efficiency and lots of money and want to take risks, go for affiliate marketing. There are also some ways to earn money online but these two are pretty popular so far.

In terms of making money online, what will you choose?

How to SEO Your Blog : The Google Way

I’m a web designer, a Filipino, and when I started in SEO and internet marketing, I felt like shit. Shit traffic, shit post, shit blog all tons of shit, I also do shit comments on other blogs. That was really awful. I was perfectly clueless and don’t know what to do to get traffic from the search engines. Today, I don’t apply them on this blog. You might see that there are no advertisement here and I would like to keep it that way. I apply them on other sites that make me money online.

I would like to help the newbies out there on how to get started on their blog. I won’t tell you to go and comment on other blogs, stumbleupon, entrecard or twit your blog. That should be your last resort. Never ever try social networking to promote your blog, unless you just want to be famous. But if you’re in this business for the money and for the killing, woo Big G and the other 1st and 2nd tier search engines.

SEO, internet marketers and all those people that make money online know how search engine ticks. If they don’t know how, they’ll starve and I’m one of them. I have to pay the bills, help my family and save some more for future education. But for the sake of this article, I’ll be pertaining to google since it has the biggest market share.

What does Google wants?

There are many things that make google ticks but lets focus on this most important part of SEO. Google loves content. And the fresher the content the better. Do I need to say more? Ok, I’ll explain, Google loves content, long related targeted content. That’s what google loves.

If you’re making a blog post, talk about a topic that is really targeted. Meaning, post a content that will give your page an authority. Specify a certain keyword for this post. Bold it, italics it, H1 tag it etc. Don’t put any other unrelated keyword in there. Just focus on that word. Talk about it, as lenghty as you want. But be sure its still human readable.

Never Give Up On Your Site

This is not an inspirational paragraph. I’m telling you this because if you’re site is new and its been a month and you’re not getting traffic, most likely you are sand boxed. You’ll know you’re sandboxed when you have a steady traffic day after day then you suddenly lost all the traffic. Do not worry, this is normal. Its google’s way of welcoming your site in the internet. After that you’ll be ranked accordingly. How long do you have to wait to get out of the sandbox? 90 days. This is the normal thing. Sometimes even longer. Sometimes even years. But don’t lose hope. There is a way to make it better and faster. What? Just add more content.

How Often Should I Add More Content or Post on My Site?

Ok, I’ll be borrowing the lines of bloggers “Have a posting frequency”. This is true. You should update often and have a posting frequency. But, on the safe side, remember this.

If your site is 90 days old and is getting 0 – 15 visitors a day. Do not make any more post. Optimize what you already have.

After you get out of the sandbox, you’re ranked accordingly by google. Of course you’re ranking is shit. Don’t expect anything yet. You’re the new guy. But don’t blame the site. It’s your fault and it’s only you that can make the site better. Just keep getting links, submit from directories, submit articles, do SEO, optimize your page. Again, no social networks (if you want to make money that is).

After 30 days of optimizing, getting links and SEO. Check your stats. You should be getting more visitors now.

If you’re getting 15 – 50 visitors a day. You should at least, update your blog with 2+ pages or post per month.

You can still stick with your posting frequency but keep it at least 2+ post per month.

Now let me tell you something why I wanted you to optimize your site without using social media. Those visitors that you see on your stats are coming from organic traffic / search engines… Those are traffic that you can convert to money. You can make money out of that traffic. With adsense, you can make your CTR boost up to 20% with that traffic. I went as high as 50% with my other sites. Because these people are buyers, searchers that are looking for a product or service, if they saw your ads, even if they know its an ad, they will click on it. Social media traffic, these people are just having fun, blog hopping, stumbling, just reading other blogs. They wont convert and will just ruin your CTR. This is the secret to making money on the internet. You want organic traffic.

Ok, lets move on. Never stop optimizing your site. Keep posting, keep getting links, keep submitting and keep optimizing your pages. By the time you get your visitors up to 100.

If you’re getting 50 – 150 visitors a day, you should at least update your blog or site with 2 pages every week.

This is a no brainer. Google loves fresh, unique content. The spiders will always crawl your site every day and your pages will be indexed immediately.

150 unique and organic visitors a day is pretty number. If you want to increase that number, just keep posting more blog posts and keep on getting links. Never do social media. Never. Don’t ruin your CTR. As I will say, that is pure traffic, search engine traffic that you can make money of. Don’t pollute it.

Google will reward you with a strong stream of traffic that can last for years. You will increase your CTR and in turn Google will place high cost per click ads on your site. $1 a click is peanuts for you if you have a high CTR. Even if you missed a posting date, it won’t have any disastrous effect on your blog.

Ok, I won’t be making this post longer. To close this out, just keep getting links and update frequently. And G Almighty will reward you till kingdom come. That’s how you do SEO the Google Way. Good luck on making money online.

How To Sell Like an MLM Sales Agent

It has been quiet for a couple of days in this blog because I’m busy learning things more about affiliate marketing. I just found a great resource that can help me improve my campaigns and its not free. I’ll just have to try it out first before blogging it here.

Anyways, I’m also messing around with offline stuff and I was being convinced into joining in an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business a.k.a. pyramiding. Now, pyramiding is not illegal. Though most of them are. There are still some legit MLM companies out there. But this post is not about how to spot a scam MLM company but about how they sell.

A friend of mine in college experienced being recruited in an MLM company back then and when I told my story to him, he said that the “sales pitch” of these sales agents are all the same. We laughed and talked about it “Pare yan din sinabi saken noon eh, ganyang ganyan yun!”. Taking into account that this friend of mine got recruited 3 -4 years ago. If their not changing the strategy, it only means one thing, its EFFECTIVE! Let’s enumerate their sales pitch strategy a.k.a. marketing strategy that makes MLM companies (and even scam companies) successful.

MLM Sales Tactics

Rags to Riches. They will first start the conversation of what’s their situation years ago before they got into their MLM company. They will tell you all the saddest story from being a highschool drop out to a dog died experience. Just to make you feel that they are just an ordinary person like you that have their ups and downs in life. Of course, you will be interested to know that how this guy got to own a BMW if he’s just a high school drop out? On to our next tactic.

The Doubts. They will then tell you how they found the company and how hesitant they were at first. They will tell you that they are just like you that are skeptic and don’t want to spend money for the MLM company. They will blurt out the reason, “I have no money”, “I don’t trust the company because it might be a scam”. The sales agent is already putting his self on the customer’s shoes. He knows about the doubts and that builds rapport. This is a very good psychology because the people being persuaded to join might already be in doubt. The sales agent already did the work for them to clarify the doubts by presenting certificates of legitimacy, business permits, pictures of the president of the company shaking hands with a prominent figure.

The Hero Shot. This time, the sales agent will brag about WHO are the people already joined the MLM company. They will name names of celebrities, generals, political figures or people that are already rich. This will give the clients an idea of how “exclusive” this company may be.

The Opportunity. This is the fun part as most bloggers in the internet do this (me included). Post the earnings. This will give an idea to the client of the earning potential IF they join the MLM company.

They will will show you Php100,000 check amount of money earned per day that its funny how we see our eyes got big but not bigger than the amount of money they have. They make it sound so easy by comparing it to a normal day job. They can earn Php100,000 per day and they will point that out compared to a normal day job. They will show you their BMW’s, introduce you to their youngest millionare teenager just to prove to you that its the shit. They will say to you that you are given an opportunity to change your life by joining their MLM company. This is a psychological tactic that makes the client feel in control. Now that the client is in a trance. It’s time for the next part.

The Challenge / Call To Action. They will flatter you. Tell you something like this “You, , you are intelligent, you know how to grab and opportunity when you see one. This is an opportunity that we are giving you, its all yours for the taking…”. This will most likely result to the person joining.

Because no matter how hard they think, they will not see any reason why NOT to take it. The business is legit, check. Earning potential is big, check. Make it look easy to earn, check. This is how many people get scammed. They forget the fact that the reason why these agents want you to join is not about helping you. But its about the money.

We can learn a lot from their example as most of these principles are used in internet marketing.

I am not against MLM because I believe that its a really great marketing strategy. A lot of successful businesses started as MLM. It really opens opporunity for small players to do business. But the fact is, it is against my belief in business. Business for me should be for the long term, that even my 8th generation grand child may earn from it. In MLM, there is no way it could survive 10 to 20 years from now. Once the flow of sign ups stopped, the PYRAMID will shatter. And the ones that will get affected are the ones below. It’s not really helping people build a business, but a legitimate way to take someone else’s money.

How Do You Want To Spend Your Day?

Ken McArthur of Top Affiliate Challenge brought up a very good point that will probably decide on what path you want to take in life. He stressed the question, “How do you want to spend your day?. It made me think of the things I’ve done for the couple of months, the trials and errors, and would it be this way that I want to spend the rest of my life.

People have different ideas of their dream life. Some people would treat as talking to people or working for a big company a dream life for them. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s what they want. If you’re an introvert living in the basement, working in a computer 24 hrs a dream life for you, well there’s nothing wrong. It’s a DNA game. People would always compare you to somebody that you’re not. That’s exactly the point, no two people are similar. How you want to spend your day would, be the determining factor on how enjoyable would be life for you.

As for me, I have experienced working in a small and big web design company, no matter what company I’m in, I couldn’t find the “thing” that could make my working days enjoyable. I never really like answering for a boss, waking up early in the morning, traffic jam, having a job but broke we all have the same experiences but people might find that enjoyable for them than having to work for themselves.

If you’re about to watch a video about your life is this the kind of movie that you’ll be just proud? Would you even tell people about this movie, how you live your life and how you succeed?

Get Traffic Creating Controversy And Being Provocative

You may think of being provocative and being controversy as a very bad thing, but if you do it the right way, it is actually a very good thing, because people HAS to give you their opinion and if they start discussing with you, and start commenting your posts, you do already have traffic, but it will get more seen and you will get even more.

Lets say that you have made a post called “I think it’s the homeless’ fault that they are homeless” or something like that. hundreds of people might disagree with you, and when they post their opinion, you just reply them and start a conversation. This way you will get a lot of traffic, and when the visitors friends can see on their Facebook-feed that their friend is discussing with someone, they might want to join the conversation.

But it is important that you don’t insult someone. Saying that thing with homeless people, is maybe a bit too harsh, but i just wanted you to understand the concept. Make sure that your topic isn’t hurting anyone, just make sure it provokes them, and then get a few visitors to your website, so you start a discussing.

When you are discussing with someone on your website / blog, then make sure not to sound like a child, or a streetgangster. People won’t even spend their time discussing with you, if you sound like a complete idiot. So avoid things like “Nonononononoono I AM RIGHT” or “fuck you, stupid bitch i’m right”, people will leave you site in no time, and never come back.

This method is a very good method when you know how to master it, but it requires a lot of training, and you might fail sometimes. However, you can always delete the post, or make a new post. I haven’t done it so much myself, because it’s not really my type of thing. But i have done it a couple of times, and i have experienced a raise in activity/traffic.

Getting Massive Traffic Blogging Off-Topic

A lot of people thinks that “going off-topic” is a bad thing, and is often punished in forums, but when you are trying to get more traffic it can actually be a pretty good thing. What i want you to do is to find the niche or thing, that is “in” right now. An example could be when the Gangnam style was “in”.

If you back then, wrote a blog called “Whoop’em gangnam style orr what?” and blogged about, what they really sang. Then you would get thousands of views, because no one did exactly know what they sang, so millions of people might have googled it wrong, and then you get all the wrong searches.

This blog takes 10-30 minutes to write, and you will get thousands or millions of views, and you can do it with everything. You could also make a post about the superbowl, “what was the superbowl end result 2013/2014″ or something like that, and the morning after, you might get millions of hits from Europe.

This method can be used all over the year, you just have to be quick. Make the posts before someone else does it, it could be Osama Bin Ladins death, Paul Walkers Car crash, Super bowl, American President, or anything like that. Just be creative.

If you don’t have any good content or news, you can use a sneaky method i have used a couple of times. You go to news.yahoo.com, and find the article that you liked the most, and you copy all the content, including the images and headlines, and you paste it to a post on your website.

But when you use this method, there is something you have to remember. You HAVE to publish the source to the real article as well, or else they can sue you for violence against the copy-right law, and you will get huge fines, by the companies/yahoo.

So always post the original source, and the author too.


If you guys watched the reality show Top Affiliate Challenge, you must’ve noticed that most of the challengers runs offer on COPEAC despite the fact that you can run any affiliate network in the contest. CJ is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there, why does the challengers used COPEAC?

I gave COPEAC a try and registered. The sign up process is easy, all you have to do is fill up the form with your phone number, they will verify your application automatically. You will receive the verification number on your phone.

1st Reason Why COPEAC Rocks: Account Managers

Once I got accepted, I was greeted by my account manager. He was quite friendly and willing to make money with me. We even set up a goal to make at least $500 where HE will help me make that money in a month. It is quite helpful to talk to your managers as you can learn a lot, especially if your a newbie. It’s like a friend mentor that can help and earn money with you.

2nd Reason Why COPEAC Rocks: FREE Landing Page Design

Ohhh I like this one. Being a web designer, I do love designing web pages. But sometimes, if you are new to a market, you don’t know what should be the design of a page that could attract the target audience. You have to research for it first which takes a lot of time. Luckily, COPEAC have a landing page design service that is free for all affiliates! And I must say that the quality of the designs are top notch (coming from a web designer myself).

It’s also quite helpful for people who don’t have any idea on how to design landing pages!

3rd Reason Why COPEAC Rocks: Rotating Creatives

If you get banners from an advertisers, you are limited to only one design. Since, affiliate marketing is about testing, you want to know which banner design attracts more clicks or conversion. You have to test each and every banner available. This will take time for me if I constantly change the banners. But with COPEAC’s rotating creatives tool, I can automatically rotate the banners and test each and every banners, and of course, track which one is converting.

COPEAC earned my good impression to be one of the leading provider of services that could help affiliate earn more.

Affiliate Programs

This Is Not Just One Of The Best Affiliate Programs It’s A Complete Web Business

The fact that all the top affiliate programs on the net have similar qualities is no accident. A mutual respect has developed over the years between these entrepreneurs… respect for each others talents, success, product quality, etc.

Ken Evoy of SiteSell.Com also has an affiliate program that’s tough to beat. Once you’ve had the opportunity to visit and browse for a while, you’ll fully understand why it’s included on my list of best affiliate programs… nothing else comes close!

Along with top quality products, such as the very successful and highly recommended Make Your Site Sell!2002 and Make Your Words Sell , there’s an awesome Site Build It feature which takes the worry and hassle out of designing a site which will achieve high search engine rankings… a site that literally “sells itself.”

Experience has taught me that the best affiliate programs are those which offer their affiliates the opportunity to build a sustainable income over time, rather than a few “quick bucks” in the short term.

Taking the time to do it right now will definitely pay off big time down the road. This is true with all things in life… even more so with associate programs.

Choosing to market SiteSell.Com products was an easy decision for me. The quality, the value, the price… are second to none! Ken’s policy of Over Delivering on all of his products means the customer always gets more than they expect. Happy customers are repeat customers, and will put your business on a solid footing, keeping it humming along at a remarkable pace and producing ever increasing profits for years to come.

Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 4: On The Right Track?

So I decided to stop all my 4 campaigns and focused on only 1 campaign that’s making most of the profit. Why? I have limited funds and I might not eat for a long time if I continue with all those campaigns.

I was not sure at first if I should continue this campaign. It is saturated, competitive and the keyword bids are fucking high. I’m talking about $2 – $11 average cost per click. But after asking many affiliates, they said that “If you’re breaking even or losing just a couple of dollars, then you have a winner“. I am making conversions but losing a couple of dollars a day $1-$12 a day. So I guess it is ok, I just need to tweak it more.

Now another issue is about the saturated market. I’m still new to ppc affiliate marketing and having to choose this competitive campaign I’m doing right now, I’m actually not sure if I would hit it big. Back then, when I was using just SEO on competitive niches, I was laughing my way to the bank with untapped, long tail keywords. But things are a little bit different in PPC. Since most affiliates said that I shouldn’t go for it because its saturated, I thought to myself, if many people are there, maybe there’s a lot of money to support those affiliates and their campaigns and the pie keeps getting bigger because more and more people are jumping into it. There is money in saturated market. Think porn. So that got me motivated in going for saturated market.

Well that’s just me, I never listen to advices anyway especially if its negative, we still have to test and risk right? Then we think, analyze and decide.

I’m also planning on buying a new dedicated server. My sites are going down quite frequently with other blogsites aiming for current events traffic and my affiliate sites getting huge traffic from PPC. I’m quite happy actually. Not because my sites are crashing, but because I know its time for expansion. Man, I love this industry.