Month: July 2016

Want To Earn 6 Digits Eh?

Almost all people will judge you by how much money you make and if you won’t tell them how much, they will ask you what you do. Then they’ll try to make themselves look better than you. This is what I experience when I attend reunions or alumni homecomings. Just like my friends says “Payabangan ….  Read More

Social Blogging vs. Affiliate Marketing

Last night, before going to sleep, I was watching a video from the previous affiliate summit in Las Vegas. One part of the summit, affiliate marketers get the chance to talk and answer some questions on how to go about the affiliate marketing industry. Right after that talk, there were A list bloggers get the ….  Read More

How to SEO Your Blog : The Google Way

I’m a web designer, a Filipino, and when I started in SEO and internet marketing, I felt like shit. Shit traffic, shit post, shit blog all tons of shit, I also do shit comments on other blogs. That was really awful. I was perfectly clueless and don’t know what to do to get traffic from ….  Read More

How To Sell Like an MLM Sales Agent

It has been quiet for a couple of days in this blog because I’m busy learning things more about affiliate marketing. I just found a great resource that can help me improve my campaigns and its not free. I’ll just have to try it out first before blogging it here. Anyways, I’m also messing around ….  Read More

How Do You Want To Spend Your Day?

Ken McArthur of Top Affiliate Challenge brought up a very good point that will probably decide on what path you want to take in life. He stressed the question, “How do you want to spend your day?. It made me think of the things I’ve done for the couple of months, the trials and errors, ….  Read More

Get Traffic Creating Controversy And Being Provocative

You may think of being provocative and being controversy as a very bad thing, but if you do it the right way, it is actually a very good thing, because people HAS to give you their opinion and if they start discussing with you, and start commenting your posts, you do already have traffic, but ….  Read More

Getting Massive Traffic Blogging Off-Topic

A lot of people thinks that “going off-topic” is a bad thing, and is often punished in forums, but when you are trying to get more traffic it can actually be a pretty good thing. What i want you to do is to find the niche or thing, that is “in” right now. An example ….  Read More


If you guys watched the reality show Top Affiliate Challenge, you must’ve noticed that most of the challengers runs offer on COPEAC despite the fact that you can run any affiliate network in the contest. CJ is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there, why does the challengers used COPEAC? I gave COPEAC a ….  Read More

Affiliate Programs

This Is Not Just One Of The Best Affiliate Programs It’s A Complete Web Business The fact that all the top affiliate programs on the net have similar qualities is no accident. A mutual respect has developed over the years between these entrepreneurs… respect for each others talents, success, product quality, etc. Ken Evoy of ….  Read More

Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 4: On The Right Track?

So I decided to stop all my 4 campaigns and focused on only 1 campaign that’s making most of the profit. Why? I have limited funds and I might not eat for a long time if I continue with all those campaigns. I was not sure at first if I should continue this campaign. It ….  Read More