Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 3 : Research And Planning

Right now, we should already have a niche topic, an ad network (ex. pepperjam, cj) and a partner. The next step we’re gonna be doing is research. If you missed the previous affiliate marketing rockstar posts, just click on the link.

Building an affiliate website is also like building a house. We need blue print and plans to have a successful site, though not as costly but as important. Take into account your knowledge in web development.

To Do List

Do you already have the knowledge to build a website? If not, do you have the time to learn?

Do you have the money to pay for the hosting and domain? If not, get out there and make some money, either by doing some manual work or a job.

Have you checked competitors’ website? If not, make sure to write down in a piece of paper the strong points of each competitor site and take note of how they promote the products that are the same as yours.

This is important to put in detail their strong and weak points so you may combine their strong points and use it in your site and beat them with their weak points.

Do you know how to promote a website / product? If not, do you have the time to learn? The purpose of this affiliate marketing rockstar is for me to track how I improve my skills in affiliate marketing using PPC. My last campaign in pepperjam as stated here, where I used SEO to drive traffic to my site. SEO is driving organic traffic from search engines that is free and will not cost you a dime if you work yourself. I suggest you research for a technique that will help you in promoting. There are tons of sites out there that teaches SEO for free. I won’t be dealing with that in my post for affiliate marketing rockstar or we will take hundreds of years just talking about it. As from here on, my promotion would be from Pay per click campaigns.

Once you did all that, we are ready to build our site, in which we’ll talk about on my next Affiliate Marketing Rockstar Post.

Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 2 : Looking For Partners

This is the 2nd part of our affiliate marketing rockstar that is one of the more up coming series that will guide all, in affiliate marketing. This is an ongoing case study and a guide. Some techniques used in this site are tested and has worked for me and it may or may not work for you. Do it at your own risk.

Howdy Partner

By now, you should already have picked your niche. If you haven’t done so, please read the previous post on how to do a niche research.

After looking for the niche that we want to delve into, we now have to find a partner that we have to promote to get affiliate income. Searching for partners comes the 2nd part of the entire research because we might want to design the site according to the main web site of our partner so the visitors won’t suspect that we are affiliate of the merchant.

I am using Pepper Jam Network to look for partners that is in line with my chosen niche from part 1 which is web hosting. If you are not yet a member of pepperjam, you might want to join, they are the fastest growing affiliate marketing company today. The tracking system is way better than CJ. And to make you even more happy, peppejam is giving away $10 if you got accepted as a sign on bonus for new affiliates. Only if you click on the special banner on the right side of my page or this link.

Then on the Find Partners page, I will search for web hosting companies that I can be an affiliate of.

After that, you’ll be presented with a list of merchants that want to be promoted. I will pick the highest paying merchant as shown below and join its program.

There are two things you want to do.

Read the terms and condition about the company by clicking on their logo.

Talk to the manager and know more about the company and their affiliate program.

Some merchant will approve your application manually. Sometimes, it is automatic. Just wait for them. And when you are accepted, you’ll be given affiliate links, banners and pepper jam ads that you can put on your site to get commission.

I’ll be stopping here for now so we can wait for my application to get accepted and hopefully people can follow along. If you have questions just post in the comments.

Adsense CTR : What’s the Effect?

Ok my post about the “No Money on Pinay Scandal Keyword” I kind of feel obligated to educate people on how adsense goes and how to UP your earnings.

Let me give you a little drawing, tell me, if you are Google, what will be your decision?

Most likely if you’re in the right mind, you’ll pick HIGH CTR to put Mr. Gates’ Ad to get the best ROI for him. Then if you’re google, you’ll reward the HIGH CTR site with high paying clicks. And if HP or Dell decided to join the bandwagon, you already know what site to pick. Because Google knows your visitors are golden converting machine.

Then, you’ll put Poor Advertiser on the LOW CTR site. This is not necessarily Smartpricing just yet. If Google sees your CTR is just crap, even for the Poor Advertiser will be hurting, Google will change the price of Poor Advertiser’s clicks to 0.01 to 0.20 which is called Smartpricing.

Demystifying CTR and Conversion Rate

CTR or click through rate is the rate of successful clicks per impression. How many chances does your ads are getting clicks. Example. Pedro is looking for the programming software that mr gates is selling. He saw HIGH CTR’s ads. Clicked on it. Well what do you know, successful click. Click. On to the advertiser’s site we go.

Conversion Rate. On the Advertisers site, Pedro did not purchase the product. He changed his mind. Conversion rate goes down.

That’s how it is. Conversion rate is not related to CTR. CTR Only gives you the chance to get the high paying advertisers and gives you the candidacy for Smartpricing.

edit: If you have HIGH CTR and Low Conversion most likely its click fraud. If you have LOW CTR and High Conversion, it doesn’t matter, your clicks are cheap anyway + you might get smart priced.

The big question : Does CTR affect my cost per click (EARNINGS)? YES. Is smartpricing real? Hell yes.

The thing is, if you’re confused about google’s tos about adsense and CTR? Don’t go quote it if you don’t know it yourself. CTR is there to let google know what kind of site you are. Conversion rate is for the merchant side. If the CTR and conversion rate has too much difference, you’ll get flagged as click fraud.

Hell, to make it simple, if you want to earn big bucks in adsense, aim for high ctr. Dump the conversion shit. You have no way of knowing anyway.

But hey, who am I? I have no 4 years of experience in blogging.

Adding Your Website To Top Lists And Get Traffic

Adding your website to top-lists is a very unused method, but it is actually a very good one. What you do is simply go to any site-submission site, and add your website. These websites has to match your niche, so if you have a blog about cars, then find the “Top 10 blogs about cars”, and paste your like there, if there is free submission.

Sometimes you can’t paste the url yourself and you may have to ask the admins of the website, if you can have your website applied to their website. However, i some cases they might want something for it. Either a ad/banner on your website, or some money, this is you decision if you want to pay or not.

However, you should wait with applying your website to some top-list until you have a good website, with a lot of content, 30 posts at least. It may be boring in the beginning where you just make posts, and you don’t get any traffic, but the traffic will come by time, you just have to wait.

So spend 2-5 days posting a lot of posts, with unique content. It doesn’t count if you just copy 30 posts from other blogs, because the google-crawler will know that, and you won’t get ranked higher of that reason, so make sure that you content is unique, and SEO-optimized. <- For this, i recommend you to download “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. This is a very good plugin, that shows you all the parameters you need to optimize, to get higher ranked on Google. Another good idea is to visit the other blogs/websites that you can see on the top-list, and leave a comment there. Because this will create additional 10-30 backlinks, that will get you higher ranked on Google, and increase your views that way, and the blogowners that you visit, may also visit you, and their visitors will see your comments and visit your blog too. This method can get your 100/1000/10000/100000 views, depending on your work-quality, don’t try to make this in a minute or so, spend a lot of time choosing the right content/toplist/comment and so on. This is very important, and can decide whether you become a success or not.

7 Days to Higher Affiliate Commissions today!

If you have ever tried to be successful with affiliate marketing then you will already know that it is not as easy as many people would have us believe.

That does not mean to say that we cannot make a substantial income through affiliate marketing.

The good news is that if you are new to affiliate marketing, you won’t have to undo everything that you have already learned.

Is Affiliate marketing vastly different to regular marketing?

There are a lot of techniques that can be carried over from Internet marketing to affiliate marketing, but there are also a lot of techniques that should NOT be used.

The main reason that we must think differently about affiliate marketing is simply because we have no control over the website that sells the product or even the product itself.

The biggest mistake that most affiliate marketers make is sending visitors to the sales page of their affiliate URL, sitting back and hoping for the best.

So, how do we take the alternative pro-active approach which will greatly increase the opportunities to make reasonable, if not substantial profits with affiliate marketing?