Month: July 2016

Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 3 : Research And Planning

Right now, we should already have a niche topic, an ad network (ex. pepperjam, cj) and a partner. The next step we’re gonna be doing is research. If you missed the previous affiliate marketing rockstar posts, just click on the link. Building an affiliate website is also like building a house. We need blue print ….  Read More

Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 2 : Looking For Partners

This is the 2nd part of our affiliate marketing rockstar that is one of the more up coming series that will guide all, in affiliate marketing. This is an ongoing case study and a guide. Some techniques used in this site are tested and has worked for me and it may or may not work ….  Read More

Adsense CTR : What’s the Effect?

Ok my post about the “No Money on Pinay Scandal Keyword” I kind of feel obligated to educate people on how adsense goes and how to UP your earnings. Let me give you a little drawing, tell me, if you are Google, what will be your decision? Most likely if you’re in the right mind, ….  Read More

Adding Your Website To Top Lists And Get Traffic

Adding your website to top-lists is a very unused method, but it is actually a very good one. What you do is simply go to any site-submission site, and add your website. These websites has to match your niche, so if you have a blog about cars, then find the “Top 10 blogs about cars”, ….  Read More

7 Days to Higher Affiliate Commissions today!

If you have ever tried to be successful with affiliate marketing then you will already know that it is not as easy as many people would have us believe. That does not mean to say that we cannot make a substantial income through affiliate marketing. The good news is that if you are new to ….  Read More