5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Desktop Publishing Tool for your Mac

Desktop publishing tools made their way in the early 1980s where graphic designers have been making use of them ever since this technology came in to being. Hence this new found market had got all the designers in competition from the very start. A term that replaced many sub-terminologies such as the pre-press, compositing systems and all the related digital publishing mechanisms, desktop publishing has for graphic designers now heavily dependent on them. Whether it’s a Mac or Windows these designers opt for the hardwares that suits them the best irrespective of the cost since there are many risks involved with the cheap ones.

At that time of desktop publishing tools in the eighties, Mac was the only viable option for both printing and designing. Hence, Mac desktop publishing softwares made their inception to take care of all the aspects of designing and layouts.

Since many graphic designers are not computer professionals, for them choosing the best Mac desktop publishing tool can be quite hard a task. Hence, firstly they need to prioritize their resources as to what is pre-proposed budget in this regard. It has been observed that many designers have budgets through which they can only earn second- hand equipment where there is always a compromise on color and print quality, calibrations, availability for storage and speed of task performance.

Secondly owing to the wide preference for Mac by these graphic designers, they need to ensure that ‘Nehalen’ which is the new processor for Mac is installed. This is one tool that makes the job of a graphic designer very much simplified since it is said to be twice as faster than its precursor. Hence this is what will save the time of designers accounting for greater efficiency.

Thirdly, the Mac laptop comes in variable sizes ranging from 13 to 17 inches. NVDIA graphics together with LED back lightening makes the edition of graphics more precise and easy. Its latest version runs on a duo processor too. The fourth option that you have here is in the form of Toshiba Qosimo that is one reasonable answer to all your graphic requirements. Its high-tech graphic card enables one to identify each pixel clearly and highlight it to be edited.

The last thing that you should consider is the Dell Studio XPS Desktop. For Mac users who plan to work on areas that require 3D and in-depth video editing you have the choice to raise it to a higher channel. Its memory will also aid you in editing visuals, pictures and design vectors with utmost ease.

5 Article Writing Tips for Beginners

When you are setting into the online writing industry, it is always a challenge since one does not know of what to write about and how. In this article, I am going to take you through a lesson on the basic article writing tips that will let you identify what you need to do as a beginner in this industry. It is an industry that would offer one a living but one needs to have a strategy that will make everything work out.

Here are top five article writing tips that will make a beginner get into the writing industry and make it big. These tips will make it possible for you as a beginner learn of the basic skills that you should have so as to gratify your clients with your writing. They will assist you in making a living out of your writing work.

In the writing industry, many people are looking for content to place in their websites. In this respect, it is important for you to learn about SEO writing, how to get rid of fluff words and how to come up with content that will target the right audience. You will get all this information on article writing tips from blogs and websites as well as search engines. This way, you will get to learn of the basic concepts that will give you the knowledge that you need.

Having the right word processing software would be a great plus to you. The program should offer you with features like the word count; spell checking, fonts, formats and styles that you would used in your writing.

Relating with other writers would also be a great venture. This will assist you in learning of more styles used in writing as well as some of the common mistakes that might make your writing not good enough to the audience. These writers will assist you in coming up with a professional writing portfolio as well as promoting your work.

Participating in forums that constitute other professional writers is also good. In addition, you can also participate in forums of the sites that you write for. This will assist significantly in upgrading on your content writing. In these forums, people discuss of the content on the site which makes you learn what people are saying and also how they view of your writing.

Reading other articles that are published in sites you would love writing for is also recommended. Also read a lot of article in the niche that you are interested in and also those that rank high in the search engine results. This will assist you in polishing your writing skills enabling you to come up with brilliant articles.

With these article writing tips, it is evident that you will be in a position to come up with brilliant articles that will lead you into make a living from your article writing job.

4 Reasons Why People Make Money Online

Though the fantasy of no wake up early morning calls, no grumpy bosses, no living through the ordeals of a nine to five shifts sounds quite alluring but once done it too takes a lot of work. Since there is no easy or rapid way to accomplish goals, when it comes to internet marketing it is definitely efficient in comparison to others. So if you are considering initiating a business or buying an outlet, brace up yourself to invest in some money, put in loads of hard work and deal with hassles of managing your workforce. On the contrary, due to its convenient feature ‘make money online’ is what is in the air these days.

Internet Marketing is one great venture whose success depends a lot on what you perceive and how open are you to experiment and try out newer ideas. This is something that can be done by minimal investment, no dealing with the complaints of the employees and above all choosing the time and the working hours for your job. However, for people who are quite serious about online businesses and jobs may find the professional atmosphere lacking and find working from home a challenge.

Though there are many comforts that come along when you start to make money online. The thought of being at home, at ease is what compels many people to enter this workforce. Hence be it a beautiful day for golf or a mere walk you wouldn’t find yourself bound to sit in front of pc in the name of job when you are actually just killing time.

The third reason for opting for online jobs is that there are no startup costs; in fact the whole venture could be quite a money-spinning experience. Although the options for getting enrolled in such jobs are endless, the flexibility and the diversity of work provided by affiliate marketing is what attract people towards it.

Lastly you don’t need to be proficient in your skills to make money online. There is always room for improvement and quite a lot of training opportunities are available online from where you can earn a great deal. Hence, you don’t have to have a specific aptitude to write, however if you are talented, then it’s obviously a plus point. In addition to this, you have the complete freedom to keep as much commission as you desire as high as 80% and with no extra expenses.

3 Things You Need To Know About Desktop Publishing Softwares

Coming up with ideas and putting your message across to a mass audience is generally convenient in comparison to a situation where distances are a barrier. Here all you need to do is prepare a presentation and put it across in the most effective manner as possible. For instances when your target audience is not on spot you will need to put in some extra effort to get your data well-ordered for portrayal and this is where desktop publishing softwares are helpful.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to know about these softwares is that they are usually operative on information that is to be visually depicted. These documents are available in the form that can be printed both for the desktop and marketable purpose where it can be spread by electronic means. What they principally do is that they compile and transform the digitized data in to a format that can be printed or exhibited electronically. The very common examples of documents on which they work are the WebPages, e-books, newsletters and PDF. Normally, the users have the option for inserting graphic design logos and texts, but for those who are more towards simplicity, desktop publishing softwares eradicates the need for such expertise.

Secondly as a means to improve on the communication, these softwares equip us with tools that can aid us in rapid and efficient production of both electronic and printed documents. The interface that allows for easy navigation where users are able to reorganize the graphics and content, rearrange the sizes of fonts and appearances all the while getting a preview of it on paper. On the contrary, such feasibilities are bound to get the users lazy and laid back and hence they make no effort to understand its functions and operation to the utmost level. Therefore, it’s only possible that our designs might fail to make that mark that we had intended.

Lastly, there is a wide array of people belonging from different walks of life that find these softwares highly helpful. Owing to its simple user interface, freelancers and home based graphic designers use them for their various projects. Other that this, assistants working on administrative positions and secretaries may use these softwares to prepare documents. Moreover, teachers and students may also set up slide shows for presentations. Small and medium business owners usually find it a helpful tool for marketing purposes while one can also make use of it for personal use such as designing cards for various occasions.

So You Want To Do Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve been sitting in my office thinking, there has been a lot of people jumping into affiliate marketing and find themselves confused and down as to why they can’t earn money from it. First of all, making money online is not just about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of hundreds of ways to earn money online. It’s just a preference. I know a lot of people earning thousands of pesos per day in adsense, paid reviews, paid to click and filling online surveys and more. Affiliate marketing is just one of these ways. No other thing is better or best its just how you decide to focus and grow and be good at what you do.

First thing, if you want to dive in this industry there are things you should check first and evaluate your values if you are really into this industry and if you want to make it big. Though the promise of huge income is present in affiliate marketing, there are also consequences in return for the big prize:

Affiliate marketing is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want to spend money, this industry is not for you. You can lose a lot of money in this industry (big money) especially when you’re starting up. The figure below suggests that I must bid Php1,809 per click to show my ads.

Long Hours Of Work. If you can not devote 16hrs – 24hrs working in front of the computer just to test out a niche for months and find out that it is not profitable, this is not for you. Affiliate marketing is an on going process of testing out everything. You want to know if you’ll earn big bucks in this particular niche? You have to test it for months. There is no guarantee that you can get your money back. Well, that is business. But once you got that particular niche that are doing good, it can give you money for years without doing anything.

Frustrations. Most of the time, you’ll be dealing with google and their algorithm. Slaps are as natural as any affiliate marketer experience this. Most of the time, you’ll get slapped every week and your site will be black listed. After spending months developing the site, you have to make another one again, and again and again. If you are easily discouraged, affiliate marketing would be hard for you.

You must be creative. People who are earning big bucks in affiliate marketing are very creative people. They know that everybody is doing this and that and that gives him the motivation to do another thing (might fail or succeed) but its worth the shot. You may lose time and money in the process but its really worth it.

Tough Competition. If you’re doing adsense sites, you know that competition is fierce when it comes to optimizing current events. You may earn big money for that but because of competition it will diminish. Now multiply that competition by a hundred folds in affiliate marketing. Competition is not really bad. Its also a way to know how much money you can earn in a particular niche by knowing how much competition there is in the niche. Which can save you time in the long run.

There is no one way to do affiliate marketing. I am guilty of this. When I started out, I sought out mentors that would teach me how to do affiliate marketing. What I learned from each person I asked is that, there is no one way to do affiliate marketing. You just have to know the basics (which you can get for free on the internet) and get out there and do it. Do not be afraid to lose money and fail because everything is a learning experience. Then after that, you will develop your own way.

American Colonial Design Style

No pale imitation of fashionable European images, American Colonial style, although inevitably influenced by the influx of peoples of European stock, was very much a product of local materials, skills and conditions.

Starting with the arrival of settlers in the early seventeenth century, the period extends to the Declaration of Independence in the late eighteenth century. It tracks the evolution of ethnically diverse peoples, some wealthy, others arriving penniless and without possessions, who developed over the years into a homogenous sophisticated society with its own unique character and individual style.

Out of necessity, early dwellings were basic and ‘country’ in feel. They also incorporated many features adopted from local crafts and the folk culture of the indigenous people.

Towards the end of the period, with greater wealth, increased trading with the rest of the world and the availability of pattern books from Europe, the style made a shift towards the popular fashions and living room designs of Europe and yet still interpreted these in a uniquely American way.

The timing of the settlement of America was fortunate indeed from a stylistic viewpoint. Europe over-flowed with creative activity, culminating, in the latter part of the period, in what became known in England as Georgian style, elements of which were happily taken on board by the settlers who localized the designs for their own purposes. Deep terracotta paintwork and polished floorboards give this colonial kitchen a homely air.

Wood was perhaps the most readily available material to the builders in Sydney of the New World. This is evidenced by its generous use, especially in the weather-boarding of house exteriors and for shutters, both internal and external. Dwellings, in the main, were of wooden construction (though this varied from area to area), and wood was used almost exclusively for heating and cooking purposes. The interior decoration of houses also benefited from its availability: floors and walls were often decked out in the material and also added to the beauty of loft conversions west london. In the early days there would have been no skirting/base boards, but structural timbers would often have been left exposed and the fireplace wall might well have been covered with wooden boarding.

Later, a wainscoted dado was a familiar sight, and in the very best of houses full-height wall paneling was to be seen. Unless the finest wood had been used, paneling would almost invariably have been painted with a flat or grained finish.

Furniture either arrived with the settlers from Europe or was made locally out of whatever woods were available. The finest pieces were made of mahogany (imported), walnut, chestnut or cherry wood (all locally produced), while the more rudimentary pieces would have been made from maple, oak, birch or ash. Of particular interest is that, even in these very early days, the concept of built-in furniture was already being developed in the more well-appointed homes. Shelves with a cupboard below were a popular means of storage within an alcove.

In interpreting the style today we can choose to reflect the elegant grandeur of the well-established home, or the rusticity of the simpler homestead. The proportions of the space you have available to you, existing furniture and your own personal taste will no doubt dictate which is more appropriate to adopt for your home.

PPC Is All About Data

No wonder why most newbies are afraid to do PPC. It will eat your money instantly. And the rate of success and being broke is dependent on how can you tolerate risk and see your money go down the drain.

Earning money is fun. Losing money isn’t. So what happens when someone afraid to take risk in PPC and don’t want to lose money to learn? He will not learn nor succeed. True there is still another option, go SEO. Its free. But, it takes a lot of time to see results. PPC gives you instant results. Though some people say that it is temporary as you can only send traffic as long as you have the money. What they don’t know is that, as long as that money spend on PPC comes back in a form of commission, its still a good source of long term income.

Doing PPC in affiliate marketing is really tricky you need to have data that you can base your decision. Bidding up or down blindly is not what PPC is all about. Being clouded by emotion has no place for PPC affiliate marketing. For example, you are losing $50 a day for a campaign. You still need to get at least 100 clicks to say that it is NOT profitable. But the weak-hearted might stop those campaigns right after the $50 was spent with no return. There are a lot of factors that you can consider why it didn’t become profitable. Maybe sales comes in Monday or week ends or seasonal, maybe your site isn’t converting well, your ads, your ad copy, your title and so on. There are a lot of factors and you need to lose some money at the start to gain data. You can not judge a campaign completely just by saying “I have spent $50 with no sales, so this niche is not profitable”.

PPC affiliate marketing is not for the weak hearted. Better of become an SEO affiliate marketer. Both have their advantages and I believe is a matter of preference. I never said one discipline is better. Just be wary of the consequences in going with any of them.

My First PPC Marketing

So I did it. I did it again. After my epic fail on PPC, I once again asked YSM and Adwords for a PPC duel. I was afraid at first to try it one more time for I might lose more money than before. But by reading and telling to myself LIFE = RISK I finally took the bull by the horn. Besides, I have my friends doing it at the same time. If I mess up its gonna be fun. If I did good, its fun to share the techniques.

Basically this is a PPC campaign that’s running for a week now. My first few days were terrible losing about $40 a day. I would like to halt and stop my campaign because I am afraid to lose money. But since all affiliates that are successful have their fair share of hungry days of no money because of PPC networks sucking it up off their credit cards, I thought to myself, if I want to be like these people, I should starve myself also. LOL. So yeah, instead of halting the campaign, I rose the bids of my keywords! The usual $0.2 keyword bids I rose to $2.0 per click!

I might come of as insane for bidding $2.0 per click. Maybe I am, and so are the rich people doing affiliate marketing. lol. No one knew, except you, my readers (if theres any). So when the 7th day of the campaign arrived (that was July 17th) I was surprised to see my earnings. My profit margin (ROI) was from 50% to 3000% though I have 1 failed campaign (-56%), 5 out of 6 campaign were successful. Insane numbers, I know. The ones that generated the highest ROI are the ones that got most SEO traffic so I wasn’t spending much on clicks.

Btw, when you want to compute for the profit (ROI) use this formula :

( Earnings – Money Spent )
% ROI = ————————— x 100
Money Spent

Basically its just net profit over total expenses. As much as I would like to post the earnings here, I already made a pledge that I won’t. This blog is not about making money online but an affiliate marketing and web design blog.

Pay Per Click is so powerful, fun and very rewarding to learn. I should’ve learned this stuff before I learned SEO, things might have been more different. I am not a guru, I just got my very first “Ah hah!” in PPC, I know there would be a lot more things and problems to come, but I’m ready for it.

Make Money Online by Freelance Web Design

I never really thought that I would take web design and development seriously. I have a Computer Engineering degree and its all computation, numbers and binaries on our head. But the creative spark of our human brain took domination over my other half of my brain. To put it in simple words, I was hooked!

I never really thought in the beginning that you could actually earn money from web pages or make a business out of it. I’ve been stumbling day after day after I quit my full time job as to where I could get the money to pay the bills. Up then after months of searching. I have come to find out the best way to make money on web design especially on a freelance basis.

This is how I learned, and I use these points to get freelance jobs. It may not work for anybody else but its up to you to apply the things I will point out.

Practice Web Design

Practice makes perfect. Creativity can not be learned by principle only through practice. Enhance your creativity in web design by doing creative things aside from web design. Creative writing, photography, painting… Anything that requires creativity. Its your bread and butter.

When I was starting up, I used to copy websites that I really like. My favorite was 2advanced.com. Their design is simply the best. Learn from each websites you visit and take note of what part of the page is attractive, pay attention to details.

Know the Web Design Trends

Clients are always on the look out for the best and freshest design for their website. If its a big company, they will need the website to be updated to the latest look. Know the styles, know the dont’s.

Brand Yourself

When joining web design communities or competition, always have the same name in the internet. So people know who you are and your skills and it would be easier for them to contact you.

Make Money

Join Web Design Competition

The best way to earn money online while learning is to join competition. SEO have seo competition so as web designers. Do not take any lost contest personally, learn from your competition. You may join contests on sitepoint.com or forums.digitalpoint.com there are tons of opportunities for newbie web designers.

Competition opens up new opportunities, people that are just passing by and saw your work might be interested in hiring you. Contests in which you have won might be interested in doing some more business with you. There are lots of benefits in joining web design competition so be sure to try them out while learning.

Freelance Websites

If you are ready to take on serious jobs, visit freelancing websites like getafreelancer.com or elance.com where you will bid on the work and the best bidder will get the job.

Put up a Web Design Portfolio

The reason why I wanted you to join competitions so keenly is that this is the best way to build up your portfolio. I have done FREE web design jobs to a lot of clients just to put up my portfolio but I learned that competitions are the best hands down. You get to earn money while building it up at the same time.

…and most especially…

Keep The Fire Burning

Have a burning desire to make web sites. That is what will make you earn money in this business. Once you have a list of clientelle, you’ll be amazed at how much work you have to do day after day and you’ll be happy that you have no more boss to answer to… Working hard would mean more money for you. You are in control now.

Making money online is never easy. This is a business and business is never easy. What is easy anyway? Picking your nose perhaps? There is no magic bullet here. Though you are sitting in front of the computer doing the work, its also tiresome and getting burned out is no joking matter.

I also understand that this type of business in the Philippines is not yet in the open so most people will look at you like a bum that have no work and always in the computer playing video games. They will ask you to get a “real job” will say things to you, but don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Let me quote this line from a very important figure:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been doing a little affiliate marketing and my first campaign with eBay is doing great so far. I would like to share what I’ve come to learn to save you all the time and money in starting out in affiliate marketing.

Find A Merchant

As for example, eBay, they have an in-house affiliate system that lets you earn money per sale of item. A percent of the price of the item is given to you as a commission.

You may come and apply as eBay’s affiliate by signing up, its free, but you’ll need a website to apply. Payment are sent by Paypal with minimum of $5 per month. Payments are sent every 25th of the month.

Not all merchants have their inhouse affiliate system. This is what Ad Networks do. They have the system, the tracking and the merchants, all they need are internet marketers or affiliates to help them promote the merchant’s product.

Money are made differently with these type of networks and will vary from merchant to merchant. An example is a Mortgage Company, they will pay you if you get a visitor to sign up and fill up a valid form. This is called Pay Per Lead. If the merchant offers CPA, they want sales, and they will pay you for every sale, its called CPA, Cost Per Action. The thing I’m doing with eBay is CPA.

An example of an Ad Network is PepperJam Network, I’ve been using them and eBay is also advertising on PepperJam. There are tons of ad network around like Commission Junction, Azoogleads, but personally, I say that PepperJam Network is the easiest to get into. CJ needs legal papers that you have to fax them and Azoogle doesn’t accept applicants from the Philippines.

Get An Affiliate Site Up

Buy a hosting and a domain this is by far the best way to start in affiliate marketing. So when you mess up a site and its reputation, you won’t mess up your main site. But if you have your own way to promote products or give a review on your personal blog, that’s your choice.

After you found a merchant. you can go talk to your affiliate manager on how to go about promoting the merchant’s product. But you can also go on ahead and build a site around it without telling them. If you are going to make a site around the merchant’s product, keep in mind that you should have the 3 important pages that Google wants in a site. It is, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and the Contact Page. An affiliate website should contain this pages so not to regard you as a spam site when visual inspection happens.

Some affiliate call this a landing page. But years have changed that google doesn’t allow landing pages anymore. Landing pages today is a mixture of a 1 page with sales pitch and a blog or a review of the product. Making the site as legit as possible in the eyes of Google.

Promoting Your Affiliate Site

There are 2 ways to promote affiliate products.

Organic SEO Traffic – Traditional link building and optimizing of pages for organic search engine results. Most people prefer this one because its free. The only drawback with this kind of internet promotion is that it takes a while before you see results.

PPC, Paid Search – Most of the big time affiliates invest in PPC or Paid Search internet marketing. The benefits of this is that you can see results instantly. The only drawback is that it costs money to promote. And sometimes will cost you even more when you messed up. I suggest not to mess with PPC or Paid Search unless you know what you’re doing.

Other Way

Social Media Promotion – I think to best describe this is an A list blog. When an A list blog make a review of a product, you know that a percent of his readers will buy that product. There are no drawbacks and the promotion is free.

Tracking Your Sales

PepperJam Network has their own tracking system. You can track the # of clicks and the amount of money you earn. And by using other programs like Tracking202 to track the clicks and the keyword they used to arrive at your site, the percent of conversion, you can easily scale your campaign to a larger profit.

Scaling Your Affiliate Earnings

Scaling is the last part of affiliate marketing and is the make it or break it part in this industry. For example, if you can earn $400 this month, be sure to scale what you’re process of obtaining that $400 per month and SCALE it to make it to possible $500 per month. Know what makes your earnings and scale. An example scenario is that an affiliate marketer has been promoting in MSN. Earning $500 per month. He decided to scale his campaign, went to Yahoo Paid Search then in Google Adwords, he netted from 500 to $5000 per month.

Affiliate Marketing has a huge potential and many people are silently earning millions of dollars per month at home.