Month: August 2016

5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Desktop Publishing Tool for your Mac

Desktop publishing tools made their way in the early 1980s where graphic designers have been making use of them ever since this technology came in to being. Hence this new found market had got all the designers in competition from the very start. A term that replaced many sub-terminologies such as the pre-press, compositing systems ….  Read More

5 Article Writing Tips for Beginners

When you are setting into the online writing industry, it is always a challenge since one does not know of what to write about and how. In this article, I am going to take you through a lesson on the basic article writing tips that will let you identify what you need to do as ….  Read More

4 Reasons Why People Make Money Online

Though the fantasy of no wake up early morning calls, no grumpy bosses, no living through the ordeals of a nine to five shifts sounds quite alluring but once done it too takes a lot of work. Since there is no easy or rapid way to accomplish goals, when it comes to internet marketing it ….  Read More

3 Things You Need To Know About Desktop Publishing Softwares

Coming up with ideas and putting your message across to a mass audience is generally convenient in comparison to a situation where distances are a barrier. Here all you need to do is prepare a presentation and put it across in the most effective manner as possible. For instances when your target audience is not ….  Read More

So You Want To Do Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve been sitting in my office thinking, there has been a lot of people jumping into affiliate marketing and find themselves confused and down as to why they can’t earn money from it. First of all, making money online is not just about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of hundreds of ways to earn ….  Read More

American Colonial Design Style

No pale imitation of fashionable European images, American Colonial style, although inevitably influenced by the influx of peoples of European stock, was very much a product of local materials, skills and conditions. Starting with the arrival of settlers in the early seventeenth century, the period extends to the Declaration of Independence in the late eighteenth ….  Read More

PPC Is All About Data

No wonder why most newbies are afraid to do PPC. It will eat your money instantly. And the rate of success and being broke is dependent on how can you tolerate risk and see your money go down the drain. Earning money is fun. Losing money isn’t. So what happens when someone afraid to take ….  Read More

My First PPC Marketing

So I did it. I did it again. After my epic fail on PPC, I once again asked YSM and Adwords for a PPC duel. I was afraid at first to try it one more time for I might lose more money than before. But by reading and telling to myself LIFE = RISK I ….  Read More

Make Money Online by Freelance Web Design

I never really thought that I would take web design and development seriously. I have a Computer Engineering degree and its all computation, numbers and binaries on our head. But the creative spark of our human brain took domination over my other half of my brain. To put it in simple words, I was hooked! ….  Read More

Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been doing a little affiliate marketing and my first campaign with eBay is doing great so far. I would like to share what I’ve come to learn to save you all the time and money in starting out in affiliate marketing. Find A Merchant As for example, eBay, they have an in-house affiliate system ….  Read More