Clickbank Pirate Launches, Providing Affiliates a Fully Turnkey System for Generating Income

Internet marketing entrepreneurs Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye announce the August 4 launch of their new Web site, Clickbank Pirate. Clickbank Pirate is the first true turnkey system for generating affiliate income with Clickbank products, allowing users to generate unlimited Clickbank commissions on complete auto-pilot.
“Clickbank Pirate is a proven system that gives marketers access to everything necessary for Clickbank success without having to deal with any technical issues, writing or selling,” Battye says. “With Clickbank Pirate, users will achieve the success that many sites and programs promise, but fail to deliver.”
Jordansen and Battye run several successful membership Web sites focused on Internet marketing, ranging from graphics generators to niche suggestion tools. Clickbank Pirate is the first of many projects the duo is creating together.
Clickbank is the world’s largest affiliate network for digital products like software and e-books, with hundreds of thousands of affiliates, vendors and products in all kinds of niches. Clickbank is popular among affiliate marketers because of its ease and reliable commissions. Due to this, it is quickly becoming the leading affiliate network. However, there are drawbacks. While some products and systems are good, many suffer from the same problem — if they aren’t outright lying, they at least aren’t telling the full truth.
Battye and Jordansen say that despite the promises made by many networks, when it comes to Clickbank success there are no loopholes to being profitable — there is no magic pay per click campaign or guaranteed keyword list, and money cannot be made without effort.
“What these so-called gurus are talking about is simply how to generate traffic to your affiliate links. Traffic is very important, but it should be the last thing on your mind. You need to have a proven system set up before even contemplating sending traffic to it, let alone experimenting with costly Adwords campaigns,” Battye says. “Sending traffic to an affiliate link might generate some sales, in fact it might even be very profitable, but the people hitting the affiliate link are likely not specifically looking to buy that product. The trick is to always go for the subscriber first, not the sale.”
In order to succeed, there are several components a person needs to have in their Clickbank marketing system: a squeeze page, thank you page, download page, report and follow up series. In addition, a domain name, web hosting account and a good autoresponder service to deliver an e-mail series are essential for success.
Creating a Clickbank system, then, doesn’t require a huge investment, but the old phrase “spend money to make money” is still true. The biggest obstacle for most people is often the technical side of things, getting the pages done, setting up the autoresponder and writing reports and the crucial follow up series.
With Clickbank Pirate, users receive all these pages and services necessary for success. Users receive professionally designed video squeeze pages for maximum conversion rates; a full system setup with thank you and download pages, complete with ads inserted; cutting edge reports that will presell prospects on the offers available; and a persuasive e-mail follow up series selling the products using affiliate links. As a fully turnkey service, Clickbank Pirate also provides web site hosting, requiring no set up or payment to keep your service operational; written and delivered reports custom-branded with affiliate links; and list hosting and delivery of the follow up series, eliminating the need for an autoresponder.
Perhaps the best benefit of Clickbank Pirate is that any prospect brought in will be tagged for life. Clickbank Pirate will keep selling prospects Clickbank products, meaning that just one free lead can mean massive recurring commissions.

ClickBank Affiliates Discovering Bigger Checks With 1stPromotion

ClickBank affiliates in over 110 countries are discovering that members of 1stPromotion have a definite advantage over other ClickBank affiliates. Through a single web site, 1stPromotion members can earn commissions of up to 75% on over 10,000 products and services offered through the ClickBank Marketplace.
1stPromotion offers the finest searchable ClickBank storefronts (online mall) available on the market today, and is an ideal solution for those that are looking to learn how to profit online.
Members of 1stPromotion find that not only does 1stPromotion offer the most powerful and accurate ClickBank search utilities available, the storefronts are also customizable by each member and require no web-mastering experience whatsoever to manage and maintain.
Jennifer J., Vice President of ClickBank’s Client and Customer Services, stated that 1stPromotion offers “…serious tools for serious ClickBank affiliates.”
1stPromotion also offers a wide variety of search boxes (plug-ins) that webmasters can add to their other existing websites making all of ClickBank’s products accessible to their visitors.
Rick Davies, co-founder of 1stPromotion states that “within minutes of joining, absolutely anyone can be all set-up and ready to start profiting.”

A New Technology Creeps into Internet Business and Marketing

While heads are turned elsewhere, a new technology creeps into Internet Marketing and online businesses. Finally, m-commerce arises.
A broad range of industries and market niches have embraced mobile technologies. We can do anything from checking the football score to learn a few new corny jokes (and possibly a lot of old ones). With m-commerce’s future looking bright, it’s time to stretch its legs, and push the new technology to its limits.
Sam Stephens, an Internet business developer, has brought the New Year in with a bang of breakthrough technology – the ability to check your Internet business earnings directly from your mobile phone.
Mobile phones and mobile phone technology is leaping and bounding forth so quickly that the majority of people have more power in their hands or pockets than they actually realize.
By using your internet-browsing capable mobile phone, you can logon to your web server, and quickly check the number of hits your affiliate link has received, how many sales have been made and your sales conversion rate.
How does this software work? Sam Stephens has called it CB Affiliate Pro, and it is designed specifically to manage your ClickBank affiliate program. ClickBank is one of the most popular credit card processing websites on the internet. Affiliate marketing (the processes of selling another company’s product in return for commission), has boomed and is arguably the most powerful marketing tool on the Internet today.
CB Affiliate Pro allows you to take complete control of your affiliate marketing, with many powerful features from detailed reporting, through to multiple products (fully customizable), and most importantly – the ability to keep track, and keep in contact with, your affiliate sales team and your current clients.
And the best part is that it’s so easy to install and to use. So easy in fact, that it’s perfect for any novice, and so powerful that it’s perfect for any veteran.
CB Affiliate Pro is designed to increase your business productivity, and is a must for any serious ClickBank merchant, or Internet businessperson who has chosen to use ClickBank.
CB Affiliate Pro has set the standard for ClickBank affiliate managers, and for the Internet business and marketing industry. Announces the All New AP Weekly Affiliate Newsletter, the premier online affiliate marketing industry resource, announces the discontinuation of their Affiliate Industry Watch weekly newsletter, and the release of their all new AP Weekly Newsletter. The new AP Weekly Newsletter marks the continued growth of’s affiliate-centric resources by providing exclusive affiliate marketing articles and content in a streamlined weekly format. Executive Editor Dave Cole remarked, “Nobody else in the industry is bringing this kind of information to the table on a regular basis, so we took the opportunity to raise the bar.”
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