4 Ways to Get Your Articles Noticed, Without Paying a Dime, Using My Affiliate Basic Techniques By Carl Petty

When you first begin your article marketing campaign, do you really know what needs to be done? Starting out, who actually tells you what to do to be successful? Who tells you that in order to be an affiliate, you need to know these essential basics?

Unfortunately I did not have that support and things were a little tough because everything was a struggle and usually was not a success. The first few articles that I wrote were failures. I’m not kidding either. I couldn’t even write a children’s book if I tried. I came a long way baby. I began to learn how to not only write articles, but to optimize them for the search engines as well. Soon, every one of my articles that I wrote were golden. I found article writing becoming easy and profitable

1. Find your niche that you want to promote and decide on the keywords that you want to use. Make sure the you write quality content in to your article. Within this content, you need to make sure that your keyword density is approximately between 3-4%. If you go over, lets say, 6% with your keyword density, the search engines might regard it as a spam article and you won’t even get a page ranking out it.

2. Proof read your articles within the next day to check for errors. Also, it is a great idea to let a friend or family member proof read it as well. If your grammar and sentence structure isn’t great, you will have a difficult time being recognized as an authority.

3. Now you can publish your article at your preferred article submission site. Make sure you have a good bio box and everything is just the way you want it. Publish your article and wait for approval. This is usually a painful waiting period because you are so ready to get your ideas out for the world to read.

4. Once you have an approved article, Submit it to the major search engines. Submit it to Google, Yahoo, and MSN. After you get them into search engines, ping your articles and you will soon get a front page ranking with the next day.

Good luck and I wish you all the success in the world.

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