Adding Your Website To Top Lists And Get Traffic

Adding your website to top-lists is a very unused method, but it is actually a very good one. What you do is simply go to any site-submission site, and add your website. These websites has to match your niche, so if you have a blog about cars, then find the “Top 10 blogs about cars”, and paste your like there, if there is free submission.

Sometimes you can’t paste the url yourself and you may have to ask the admins of the website, if you can have your website applied to their website. However, i some cases they might want something for it. Either a ad/banner on your website, or some money, this is you decision if you want to pay or not.

However, you should wait with applying your website to some top-list until you have a good website, with a lot of content, 30 posts at least. It may be boring in the beginning where you just make posts, and you don’t get any traffic, but the traffic will come by time, you just have to wait.

So spend 2-5 days posting a lot of posts, with unique content. It doesn’t count if you just copy 30 posts from other blogs, because the google-crawler will know that, and you won’t get ranked higher of that reason, so make sure that you content is unique, and SEO-optimized. <- For this, i recommend you to download “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. This is a very good plugin, that shows you all the parameters you need to optimize, to get higher ranked on Google. Another good idea is to visit the other blogs/websites that you can see on the top-list, and leave a comment there. Because this will create additional 10-30 backlinks, that will get you higher ranked on Google, and increase your views that way, and the blogowners that you visit, may also visit you, and their visitors will see your comments and visit your blog too. This method can get your 100/1000/10000/100000 views, depending on your work-quality, don’t try to make this in a minute or so, spend a lot of time choosing the right content/toplist/comment and so on. This is very important, and can decide whether you become a success or not.

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