Affiliate Marketing (Part 2: The Golden Rules)

Howdy, Buddies!

Let’s continue with Affiliate Marketing Part 2: The Golden Rules.

This is the part which most of the affiliate marketer will miss out. But for me these are the KEYS of success in Affiliate Marketing, so I called it as “The Golden Rules in Affiliate Marketing“.

All games start with RULES, understand the rules is the earliest stage for every games. Well, take your Affiliate Business as a games. In this affiliate games we enjoy and have fun through the process, and the reward from this games is your Big Money in your bank account.

Install these Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing in you brain now….
1. For any affiliate products you promote, TAKE IT AS YOUR OWN PRODUCT. ( Your affiliate product = Your Product; Your product = Your affiliate product)

2. You are not just a promoter which promote . YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS. YOU TAKE ONWERSHIP by promoting that product as whole-heartedly as you would if you were the merchant or copyright holder. (If you take it serois like your own business, then only you will get the GREAT result.)

3. Promote it in the RIGHT WAYS. Spam will burn your business and your future.
Make sure you always keep these 3 Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing in your mind, make it permanently installed in your mind. ok? 🙂

Let’s discover the type of Affiliate Marketing, and how you earn from Affiliate Marketing Business in my next post. c u then…

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