Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 3 : Research And Planning

Right now, we should already have a niche topic, an ad network (ex. pepperjam, cj) and a partner. The next step we’re gonna be doing is research. If you missed the previous affiliate marketing rockstar posts, just click on the link.

Building an affiliate website is also like building a house. We need blue print and plans to have a successful site, though not as costly but as important. Take into account your knowledge in web development.

To Do List

Do you already have the knowledge to build a website? If not, do you have the time to learn?

Do you have the money to pay for the hosting and domain? If not, get out there and make some money, either by doing some manual work or a job.

Have you checked competitors’ website? If not, make sure to write down in a piece of paper the strong points of each competitor site and take note of how they promote the products that are the same as yours.

This is important to put in detail their strong and weak points so you may combine their strong points and use it in your site and beat them with their weak points.

Do you know how to promote a website / product? If not, do you have the time to learn? The purpose of this affiliate marketing rockstar is for me to track how I improve my skills in affiliate marketing using PPC. My last campaign in pepperjam as stated here, where I used SEO to drive traffic to my site. SEO is driving organic traffic from search engines that is free and will not cost you a dime if you work yourself. I suggest you research for a technique that will help you in promoting. There are tons of sites out there that teaches SEO for free. I won’t be dealing with that in my post for affiliate marketing rockstar or we will take hundreds of years just talking about it. As from here on, my promotion would be from Pay per click campaigns.

Once you did all that, we are ready to build our site, in which we’ll talk about on my next Affiliate Marketing Rockstar Post.

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