Affiliate Marketing Rockstar 4: On The Right Track?

So I decided to stop all my 4 campaigns and focused on only 1 campaign that’s making most of the profit. Why? I have limited funds and I might not eat for a long time if I continue with all those campaigns.

I was not sure at first if I should continue this campaign. It is saturated, competitive and the keyword bids are fucking high. I’m talking about $2 – $11 average cost per click. But after asking many affiliates, they said that “If you’re breaking even or losing just a couple of dollars, then you have a winner“. I am making conversions but losing a couple of dollars a day $1-$12 a day. So I guess it is ok, I just need to tweak it more.

Now another issue is about the saturated market. I’m still new to ppc affiliate marketing and having to choose this competitive campaign I’m doing right now, I’m actually not sure if I would hit it big. Back then, when I was using just SEO on competitive niches, I was laughing my way to the bank with untapped, long tail keywords. But things are a little bit different in PPC. Since most affiliates said that I shouldn’t go for it because its saturated, I thought to myself, if many people are there, maybe there’s a lot of money to support those affiliates and their campaigns and the pie keeps getting bigger because more and more people are jumping into it. There is money in saturated market. Think porn. So that got me motivated in going for saturated market.

Well that’s just me, I never listen to advices anyway especially if its negative, we still have to test and risk right? Then we think, analyze and decide.

I’m also planning on buying a new dedicated server. My sites are going down quite frequently with other blogsites aiming for current events traffic and my affiliate sites getting huge traffic from PPC. I’m quite happy actually. Not because my sites are crashing, but because I know its time for expansion. Man, I love this industry.

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