Affiliate Marketing Rockstar : Choose Your Niche

This will be the first day of our Affiliate Marketing Rockstar series that will guide each and everyone of you, including me, to make a profitable affiliate marketing campaign.

What Do We Need

We need to find a niche that is profitable. We can go along and say the most competitive niches there is because that’s 100% profitable. The only draw back is that they are competitive.

In Selecting A Niche

In selecting our target niche we have to keep in mind what are our resources and if this niche would be enjoyable for us. I have been an advocate of go for profitability first before going for your passion, but in this case, affiliate marketing is a long term business so you might want to pick a subject that you can talk about and feel happy working for a very long time.

Who Are You

Ask yourself if you know much about something that you want to make an affiliate site for. If you know about cars, you might want to do affiliate marketing and pick a niche for cars. As for me, I know about web hosting since I’ve been in the business, own one and also as a web designer, I am always using web hosting for my clients. So I’ll choose the niche web hosting in this example.

The Demand

You must keep in mind that to survive in this business, you must know if there is a demand for the niche you’re targeting. Use freekeywords wordtracker to find the topic that have sufficient searches per month. 10k searches a month should be viable.

The Supply

Now let’s see if there is someone supplying for the demand. By this, we can know if there are tons of competition in it. Or is it possible for us to compete in this niche. Let’s go to and see the competition. To check the competition, all you have to do is to type the keyword in quotes “web hosting“.

As you can see, its a very competitive niche. 101,000,000 is a tough battlefield to get into. You’ll be eaten alive. To know if the niche is safe, you might want to look for a niche that has 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 competing pages.

Just repeat this process until you found a good niche that you want to target. Stay tune for the next part of our affiliate marketing rockstar.

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