Affiliate Marketing Secret for Novice Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to Make Extra Money Online from Home!

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money from home, but have not been able to find a legitimate way to do it?

As a stay at home dad, I am always looking to make some extra money. Unfortunately, I wasted money on several get rich quick scams, and they don’t work. I finally found some methods that really work, and they are free. This might seem hard to believe. Well, it does take some time and effort.

Here are some novice affiliate marketing tips that definitely work

Sign up with Clickbank. They sell digital products like ebooks. Their commission rate is 50%-75%. It is free to sign up and takes about 5 minutes. Commission Junction is also a great place to join and also free.

Write a short review of a product you have purchased or write an article

Write a review about something you have used. (example: ebook, product, etc) Add your affiliate links from
Clickbank or commission Junction. You can also write a short article 250-400 words. If you write an article, pick something that is familiar to you. If you need some help writing, here is a nice article writing guide.

Example, are you are golfer, hunter, fisherman, bowler, stamp collector, car collector, web designer? The list goes on forever. Everyone has a profession or hobby. Make sure your article is relevant to the product you are promoting. If you are a golfer, write a short article 240-400 words on golf and then do a search on Clickbank for a product on Golf and add your affiliate link into the article.

What words will people type into the Google search box to find the product you are promoting?Word Tracker has a free tool to find keywords. After you find some good keywords that people are searching for, type the word into google with “quotes” to check your competition.

People typically do not use quotes when they do a Google search. However, this will check on the competition for that exact keyword phrase. Example: “how to rid of acne”. Try to find key words with less 1000 competing websites for articles or reviews that you summit to US Free Ads and under 5000 for Squidoo.

Use Squidoo and US Free Ads

Squidoo and US Free Ads both allow affiliate links in your articles. Some article directories do not allow affiliate links. Squidoo is the best option if you are on a tight budget because it is completely free. Tiffany Dow has an excellent step by step Squidoo guide to help you get started.

I did reviews of ebooks that I read and than posted them on US Free Ads with affiliate links from Clickbank. The reviews can be short. Some are only a paragraph or two. It is very easy to place an ad or article on US Free Ads. I made over $350 using US Free Ads.

Submit your article to Squidoo or US Free Ads. US Free Ads is free for a basic account. An unlimited premium account is $9 per month for unlimited ads or articles. I always seem to make some money from these ads. For example, I sold 3 Fatheads recently and received $32.

I just sold two ebooks and made $32. It is awesome getting those checks. Hub Pages is another place to submit articles for free, and they also allow affiliate links. I have not tried them yet, but I definitely will in the future. Hub Pages does very well in the search engines.

Affiliate Marketing Secret

So, what is the affiliate marketing secret for novice affiliate marketing? You need to find a good mentor. The owners of the Wealthy Affiliate provide a detailed action plan to help you succeed. Anyone that applies themselves will succeed. I was amazed at the amount of information and help they provide.

They take you by the hand and provide detailed step by step instructions. The Wealthy Affiliate also includes an eight week action plan, learning center, and forum. Carson and Kyle provide one on one mentoring. They also have free hosting and Site Cubix, so you can build a website very quickly with no html experience.

The Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer. Anyone can succeed if you follow their plan and work at it. The forum is great because successful members are always answering questions and posting useful tips.

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