Affiliate Site Won’t Make Money-What to do?

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned when doing affiliate marketing. You did the design of website, coded it, promoted it for months, yet, it still won’t take off. If you already exhausted all your options. There is one possible and probably the best thing to do – It’s to dump the site, save some time and move on.

I have received a mail lately asking such question: “What will I do if I can’t make my site profitable?”

It would be a waste if we just dump the site, right? After all It maybe getting traffic from the promotion you did. So the best answer I can give is to put contextual advertising in it. This should only be your last resort. Yes, you won’t be earning as much if its a full blown affiliate site. But hey, its already a dead horse, just make the best out of it.

What are Contextual Ads?

Contextual ads are a way of earning a commission by getting clicks on these ads placed on a link on your site.

Example of contextual advertising companies are:

Sign up as a publisher to sell ads. Probably one of the largest. It allows adult & warez themed sites too.

The biggest contextual advertising site on the net owned by Google.
And they don’t ask you to pay for anything to join.

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