Article Marketing Tactics For Your Blog

At first glance, it might seem rather a strange notion, why would you want to use article marketing as a strategy to increase traffic to your weblog, which is essentially a journal? The answer is in fact in the question – to increase traffic to your blog. But, do article marketing tactics really work for blogs?


Given a blog is essentially an online journal that you create, one thing that you can be sure it has got is lots of high value content rich material. Given also that most blogs are far more than a personal online diary, but aimed at specific niche areas, and you start to ask yourself why article marketing tactics are not used as part of your marketing strategy! However, when you add a final element, that most bloggers are more internet savvy than other users of the internet, and the whole concept of blogger article marketing becomes a no-brainer!

Getting started

If you want to start an article marketing campaign for you blog, the first action youll need to do is to find around 25 – 30 topic areas in the materials on your blog that you want to convert over to form part of your article marketing strategy. Once you have identified these areas, you then need to compile article of around 200 – 500 words in length. Although this may sound like a large job, given you already have the written material, it should not be too onerous a task, more of an editing job.

Submitting the articles

Once you have the 25 – 30 articles prepared, you then need to start your article marketing campaign in earnest. To do this, youll need to find websites that are willing to publish the material. Before agreeing to submit an article, you should always try and check to see if exposing your article to that site will increase your blog traffic. One sure way to do that is to see how many visitors per day the website gets.

Dont forget, in addition to the articles themselves, you will also need to make sure that each article you submit includes details of (a) your name; (b) your blog URL; (c) some details about you; and (d) some details about your weblog. Hopefully the content in your articles, with the information about you and your blog, will encourage the reader to click the URL to visit your weblog. In that case, a perfect article marketing campaign has been executed.

Making sure you have a niche area

Obviously, article marketing as a strategy for your weblog is going to be far more successful if your blog is in a niche area – say snowboarding – than if your blog is merely your online journal. Therefore, as with all marketing strategies, you do need to give some consideration to making sure you have a market to target your articles at. If you do not, or if your weblog is of a generic type, then article marketing may not be the ideal marketing tool for you.

Getting results

No article marketing strategy is going to make you an overnight million. However, if you have taken the advice of the above and executed as near perfect an article marketing strategy as possible, you should find that month-on-month visitors to your weblog do increase. In turn this should help you to (a) generate more sales through your blog; (b) generate more sales on your website that is linked to your weblog; (c) increase your potential advertising sales on both your website and blog.

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