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More Search Engine Optimization

While you are waiting for your domain name to resolve, you can start working on more search engine optimization. Make sure each of your pages has a link to your main page, home page. Make sure each of your pages has a way to contact you. You can add a contact form or a simple ….  Read More

You Are About to Become An Affiliate Web Master

GO LIVE! Finally, the moment you have been waiting for. You will soon be able to reap the fruits of your labors. By the way, I have to say, you have made it further than 95% of the people who try to build an online business. Everyone wants to make money but no one is ….  Read More

Why is content development so important?

If you didn’t read the little story about the stores in your neighborhood, read it here. Use your back button on your browser to return here. That gives you a good idea why content is so important. If you are still not convinced, continue reading, I will convince you. By the way, this step is ….  Read More

Which affiliate programs should I join?

You will find thousands of companies wanting you to sell their stuff for them. The question is, “Will you get paid?” The answer is maybe, maybe not. WHAT? OK, just relax and let me explain this to you. If you just go and join any old affiliate program, you are taking a big risk. You ….  Read More

Welcome to CoutureCandy’s Affiliate Program

About our Affiliate Program As CoutureCandy affiliates, you simply place the links we make available on your website, in PPC search networks, etc, and you begin earning commissions immediately. For example, when that visitor from your affiliate link clicks over to and makes a purchase within 30 days from clicking through the link, affiliates ….  Read More

The Cashburners Affiliate Program: – Is It Worth Joining?

Cashburners is an excellent, free to join affilliate program. Affiliates joining the program can earn commissions – normally between 40-50% by referring customers – who go on to make a purchase – to the Cashburners online store, New affiliates also receive a $50 welcome bonus, making this program a very attractive option to join. ….  Read More

Picking the right Domain Name for your Website

What should my domain name be? When you are picking your domain name, make it keyword(s) that are relevant to your website topic. Not only will this help with your search engine optimization but it will help people remember you. I waited for you to pick your domain name after you did all your keyword ….  Read More

Looking for an HTML Editor?

What is an HTML Editor? It is a program that helps you build web pages. Also known as WYSIWYG. This stands for “what you see is what you get”. With and HTML editor or WYSIWYG, you build the pages on your computer and you can see what they will look like on a browser before ….  Read More