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Make a Statement With Your Business Card Printing

Your business card printing is one of the most important marketing tools you will ever have. You will use your business card daily to promote your business, keeping it in your wallet or laptop bag and handing them out to potential customers and contacts throughout the day.

The great thing about business card printing is that you are in control, you can choose your own design, think outside the box and make a statement that will make your potential customers pull out your card when they next need to place an order for a product or service that you provide.

There are a number of ways you can make your card different from anyone else’s, using your company as your base and the service or products you provide, you can create your design to be catchy, informative, fun and possibly even useful.

Create a useful business card that will have customers using it regularly, not only are these different and unique, but every time your potential customer uses the card for something, they see your name, imprinting it in their minds. Some of the most useful business cards include, rulers and even calendars printed on them. Items your customers can keep with them and using them when needed.

Another beautiful and creative design is to use a wood design. Create your card with a wood effect background, offering that natural finish. This is an ideal choice for carpenters and those working with wood on a regular basis, even hardware companies. You don’t want your card to be the same as everyone else, you want to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

If you run a car loan, why not consider creating your business card printing in the shape of a car? It is fun, it’s unique and your customer is less likely to throw it away, which means that they have your card on hand when they need your type of service.

For a different and very unique design, you can choose a transparent look or choose a size and shape that suits your business objectives.

Thinking outside the box is a way to really make a statement and make your name memorable to potential customers. You want your customers to hold onto your business card, show it to colleagues and friends and promote your business for you moving forward.

When choosing to print business cards Sydney, you will want to ensure that you choose good quality card. Cheaper and thinner paper options can leave your cards tearing, not the professional image you want to portray. Remember any cards you hand out will end up in wallets and bags, they will be moved around and probably go through significant abuse, so the stronger and more durable the card the better. It’s a good idea to have your card Matt laminated, as it gives a professional image and also a soft feel on the card.

Make use of colours when printing your cards. You don’t have to make the card a significant splash of colour, but adding colour can ensure they make an impact. You have to be careful with your colour selection, ensuring it ties in with your corporate colours, letting your logo and company name stand out.

Why not consider double sided option? This enables you to put your name, company, and logo and contact information on one side and all the services or types of products you provide on the other. This eliminates any guess work for the customer when looking for a company that provides a specific product or service.

Black and white designs can also make a significant statement if you’re looking for something different to hand to your customers when promoting your business. Black and white with only your logo and company name in the corporate colours will ensure your name pops off the card.