Why Some Affiliate Marketers Are Struggling?

Are you still a struggling affiliate marketer? If you are, you need a marketing action plan that will show you what to do an how to do it. Whatever area of internet marketing you are dabbling with, struggling is not a nice place to be.

I should know, I was just like you, and didn’t even know where to turn, what to do or where to start.

When I started my own online business, the choices for help where much fewer than they are now and oce of the best step by step tutorials for new internet marketer that exists now didn’t existed then.

Still, however, there is a staggering 97% – 98% failure in the online world. So many people are struggling to make their first dollar online.

The main reason for this?

Lack of knowledge and lack of a structure to start with.

Would you dare starting a career in anything without knowledge?

I guess not, but somehow, people think that internet marketing is different. Guess what? it is NOT. Yes, internet marketing can bring financial freedom for you, but it’s SERIOUS business; it doesn’t happen on its own. It will happen only with a serious plan of action. I didn’t say complicated plan, but a plan that you have to take seriously and follow through.

Showing you the How To Build a Campaign

One Week Marketing action plan is a tutorial that will teach you how to build a campaign around your product. This system is so simple, easy to understand and follow that you could be wondering why you haven’t thought about it yourself.

That is what knowledge is all about, not something very tricky, but often something very specific that would elude you unless you know it.

To illustrate this, let’s say that you are driving through a town that you don’t know, and no one is around to direct you and you don’t have a map either. You are looking for a specific street, but you can’t find it. It turned out that the street you were looking for was really close by, but you kept making the wrong turns and never found it, until you gave up and left the town very frustrated.

Can you imaging what would have been your relief if ONLY someone would have shown you the way?

If this is your situation with affiliate marketing right now, you might be happy to know that relief has come for you. Someone has wrote a MAP to guide you and find your way in this maze of online marketing. The rest is up to you!

Why Is Affiliate Maketing A Financial Freedom Door?

The very best advantage about affiliate marketing is that you can start your online business with no upfront money whatsoever. What other business can you think about that would allow you such a freedom to start a business that could bring you back tons of money? No very many, indeed.

With affiliate marketing you don’t need to promote your own products; therefore, you don’t need to buy a product in order to resell it. Affiliate marketing is not to be confused with being a distributor for a network marketing company where, not only you have to pay a fee to get in, but also have to buy the product in order to be able to sell it. With affiliate marketing you are free of these two burdens. Everything you will be selling will be sold through the internet without much of your involvement once you are all set and done. Being a distributor of an internet company will always require much of you physical involvement and face to face meeting. Affiliate marketing will set you free of all that, and this is true whether you would be selling a digital product such as a software tool or program or a physical product such as a cell phone or a book.

What are the basics you need to have to start your business as an affiliate internet marketer?

As a beginner you should start with 100% free advertising avenues to promote your products. You can start with free blogs, free article posts, and free websites. The only thing that you should buy is a domain name for each niche or product that you are going to promote. A domain name can cost you as little as $6.00 to $10.00 per year.
When you are choosing your domain name you need to be keywords conscious. This means to make sure that you are thinking of the consumers that would be interest in your product when you pick your domain name. Free keyword tools such as SEOBook This tool will help you to make a calculated choice as you can narrow down a phrase to specific keywords or keyword phrases for your product.

Another way that will help you greatly in promoting your product is what is called Web 2.0 sites, such as Squidoo for example. Those sites offer you the possibility to built literal bulletin board sites which can rank very high on Google search engines.

Over time as your affiliate business grows and starts to bring you steady incomes you can start to use some paid avenues such as paid blogs, web hosting and many other different marketing tools which will bring your results to an even higher level.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and are in need of advice and guidance, I invite you to visit this blog regularly as my intent here is to help people just like you.

Why Did I Quite Being A Distributor For An Internet Maketing Company

Are you still struggling as a distributor for a big internet marketing company? I know I was. Why did I quite being broke for a big internet marketing company to become an affiliate marketing?

When I started with the internet marketing business in late 2005, all I knew is that some people were making big money online, but I sure didn’t know how. After a couple of real bad experiences which made me lose and waste money, I join Vitamark International which is based in Houston, Texas. I became a distributor of this company and I was told that I could make huge amount of money with the company as a distributor.

A very important thing you need to know before you join a company as a distributor!

When you join a network marketing company, you see the top dogs making big money, and, yes, they certainly do. But what you need to understand is “it is not because they are making big money that you will“ They are making money because they are already in possession of 3 things that you may not. 1) They have a KNOWLEDGE of the internet marketing business. 2) They are already settled and have a network behind them. 3) They have money to spend in advertisement that you most likely don’t have.

These 3 reasons will most certainly make a huge difference between you and them.

So much so, that as a matter of fact, if you are brand new with the online business when you start with an internet marketing company, it will take more than work on your part to be able to reach this kind of results. It will take a lot of your time and money. So much so, that the dropping numbers are gigantic.

Thankfully, after a couple of year of struggling as a distributor, I’ve got that! I was still convinced that I could make it big online, but I knew that there had to be something else then being a distributor of a big internet marketing company that makes ALL the rules for me.

Guess what? There was!

I was fortunate enough to meet two great guys from Wealthy Affiliate, the internet marketing school. Those guys are real and they are millionaires who made it on their own with Affiliate Marketing. When I found them online, I knew I had found what I was looking for, and it was affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the FREE internet marketing way with NO ONE making the rules for you. You really are your own online business boss. The other great bonus for me was NO running after people to join my business. I really hate that:)

Through Wealthy Affiliate I have gotten even more blessings. I met PotPieGirl. Many of you have already probably heard of her. She is the mom from Georgia, who knew that she was going to make money online, and in two years she did it. she made more on her second year than those struggling distributors might ever make, ever. Isn’t it great to have someone like her as your internet buddy who helps you out every time you have a question? Yes, it most certainly is. PotPieGirl is the author of One Week Marketing action plan. If you’ve never made money online before this book could change your life!

The third main blessing that I’ve got from Wealthy Affiliate is I became an expert myself! I have built relationships with people whom I have helped and are still helping now to make money themselves. Wow! It can’t get much any better than that! But I am sure it will, lol.

Through PotPieGirl I also met this great network marketer from England, who makes even more money than she does named Mark Thompson. Is the author of WordpessGoldmine. WordPressGoldmine is just that, a goldmine book, that I have been using to build blogs just like this one. On top of everything I am now also able to contact him on a daily basis for all my little tech problems.

So, in the end for me,without a doubt, affiliate marketing is deffinetly the way out of the rat race. Let me tell you, if you rub yourself long enough against successful people, there is no doubt about it, you will become successful yourself. Yes, you can make affiliate marketing YOUR OWN, but it is not for lazy onces who want to make it at a click of a mouse. There is no such thing as something for nothing. It takes work and determination, but it is the most low investement big retrun online business there is.

Step By Step To Affiliate Marketing Success

I thought I would share a very easy to understand and easy to follow step by step to start making money online. This is a very precise method that I have been using with great success.

1) Find the right niche

Now, you may or may not know that just selling what YOU like is NOT the answer to your online success. I know of some people who have built sites just because they were passionate by that specific niche, but not making any money with it. However, I do know that selling products or services that may not interest you at all, but which are very hot and popular, will sell and make you tons of money.

So, finding hot niches in order to make money online is really key to success. A very good product that I have found to be helping me a great deal to find hot niches is Micro Niche Finder, thus the name. Micro Niche Finder is not a membership product, which means that you pay for it only once and it is really worth it if you are looking for long term online business.

2) Build a simply WordPress blog with adsense

Next step, you need to build a WordPress blog with your own domain name. It is better to first find the niche and then buy the domain name, so you can have that perfectly adequate domain name matching your niche or product.

If you can is even better to personalize your blog so it won’t look like a “Wordpress blog”, but more like YOUR blog with personalized header and format. You can have that done for $20.

Once you have your domain name, personalized header, you ads from adsense all ready on your site (if you wish), all you need to do is add content to your blog. When your blog is new try to add at least one or two posts a week, then you can add one post every two weeks if you can do any more than that. But if you can, please do.

3) Create a link-wheel and write articles

Once your blog has at least two to three posts start a link wheel. An example of a link-wheel is this:

– Create a Squidoo lens
– Create a Hubpages page
– Create a Gather page
– Create a Weebly page
– Create a Scribd page

Make sure you have a couple of link to your blog on each of those pages as an “anchor text” and then do this:

– Create a link on your Squidoo lens pointing (as an anchor text) to your Hubpages page.
– Create a link on your Hubpages page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Gather page.
– Create a link on your Gather page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Weebly page.
– Create a link on Your Weebly page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Scribd page.

Do not close the circle, just leave it that way.

Then, write articles linking only to your blog to high rank articles directories. The ones that I use the most right now are StreetArticles, Ezinearticles, theFreelibray, GoArticles, Isnare, jabberdi, etc… there are more. You can choose whichever one you want, but try to pick the one that have the highest Page Rank, such as the one mentioned above.

Then use social media sites and bookmark each of your pages and articles. Once you’ve done that, you will see how your page will go up the Google rankings and be on first page if you have done your homework well in choosing a good niche.

This works wonders and it’s easy to do.

Do’s and Don’ts for this Web Marketing Course


Thanks for giving my program a try. If you follow the steps I have laid out here, you are sure to succeed.

Please read this page in it’s entirety.

If you really want to succeed in building an online business, you will have to work at it. There is no fast and easy way to do it. It takes time and it takes work. If you aren’t willing to work at it, you will just be wasting your time here.

I’m pretty sure McDonalds is hiring.


• Do start at the beginning and work to the end.
• Do take each step seriously. No step is optional.
• Do work at your own pace. This isn’t a race. It takes time to build a business.
• If I recommend some software that will make your job easier and you can afford it, feel free to buy. It isn’t necessary to buy any software to complete this program. Only buy if it will not hurt your budget.
• Do follow this step by step program in it’s correct order. That’s why there are steps.
• Do Bookmark this site right now so you will be able to find your way back.
• Do read my disclaimer.


• Don’t do anything until it is time to do it.
• Don’t pick a topic that you know nothing about just cause you think it’s a money maker. Any subject will make you plenty of money, choose a topic you know a lot about.
• Don’t buy your domain name until you get to that step.
• Don’t join any affiliate programs until you get to that step. (Most programs won’t let you join without a website anyway) You don’t want to make the mistake of joining a program that won’t pay you.
• Don’t try to join Google AdSense before your have your website live. They don’t allow it and you could do more harm than good.
• Don’t spend any money on any get rich quick schemes, they don’t work.
• Don’t try to build more than one website at a time.
• Don’t worry about web hosting right now.
• Don’t try to skip ahead and save time. There are no short cuts.
• Don’t over work yourself. You don’t want to burnout before you start. Work at a pace that you can live with. There is plenty of time, the internet is not going to close.
• Don’t worry about the details. You will learn everything you need to know when you need to know it.
• Don’t even start if you aren’t willing to read and write. No website will ever make you any money if you won’t read how to do it and write compelling content.

Building a real money making website is possible for anyone. You will have all the information you need to start and finish right here. I don’t leave anything to chance. There is no guesswork involved.

You are about to build a business. Not just a website. A real online business. Something you will profit from for years to come. Do it right and see your dreams finally come true.