ClickBank Affiliates Discovering Bigger Checks With 1stPromotion

ClickBank affiliates in over 110 countries are discovering that members of 1stPromotion have a definite advantage over other ClickBank affiliates. Through a single web site, 1stPromotion members can earn commissions of up to 75% on over 10,000 products and services offered through the ClickBank Marketplace.
1stPromotion offers the finest searchable ClickBank storefronts (online mall) available on the market today, and is an ideal solution for those that are looking to learn how to profit online.
Members of 1stPromotion find that not only does 1stPromotion offer the most powerful and accurate ClickBank search utilities available, the storefronts are also customizable by each member and require no web-mastering experience whatsoever to manage and maintain.
Jennifer J., Vice President of ClickBank’s Client and Customer Services, stated that 1stPromotion offers “…serious tools for serious ClickBank affiliates.”
1stPromotion also offers a wide variety of search boxes (plug-ins) that webmasters can add to their other existing websites making all of ClickBank’s products accessible to their visitors.
Rick Davies, co-founder of 1stPromotion states that “within minutes of joining, absolutely anyone can be all set-up and ready to start profiting.”

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