If you guys watched the reality show Top Affiliate Challenge, you must’ve noticed that most of the challengers runs offer on COPEAC despite the fact that you can run any affiliate network in the contest. CJ is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there, why does the challengers used COPEAC?

I gave COPEAC a try and registered. The sign up process is easy, all you have to do is fill up the form with your phone number, they will verify your application automatically. You will receive the verification number on your phone.

1st Reason Why COPEAC Rocks: Account Managers

Once I got accepted, I was greeted by my account manager. He was quite friendly and willing to make money with me. We even set up a goal to make at least $500 where HE will help me make that money in a month. It is quite helpful to talk to your managers as you can learn a lot, especially if your a newbie. It’s like a friend mentor that can help and earn money with you.

2nd Reason Why COPEAC Rocks: FREE Landing Page Design

Ohhh I like this one. Being a web designer, I do love designing web pages. But sometimes, if you are new to a market, you don’t know what should be the design of a page that could attract the target audience. You have to research for it first which takes a lot of time. Luckily, COPEAC have a landing page design service that is free for all affiliates! And I must say that the quality of the designs are top notch (coming from a web designer myself).

It’s also quite helpful for people who don’t have any idea on how to design landing pages!

3rd Reason Why COPEAC Rocks: Rotating Creatives

If you get banners from an advertisers, you are limited to only one design. Since, affiliate marketing is about testing, you want to know which banner design attracts more clicks or conversion. You have to test each and every banner available. This will take time for me if I constantly change the banners. But with COPEAC’s rotating creatives tool, I can automatically rotate the banners and test each and every banners, and of course, track which one is converting.

COPEAC earned my good impression to be one of the leading provider of services that could help affiliate earn more.

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