Earn Money on the Net

Want to find ways to earn money on the Net?

97% of the methods of Making Money Online are scam and illegitimate.

Learn how to earn money on the net and start earning from the comforts of your own home that are legitimate and that can provide you with multiple income streams.

Why would you like to earn money on the Net? Well, for me frankly I wanted to have more money and time for my family. I also wanted to have a passive income stream. I have been working as an employee for almost 7 years, and though I was able to buy some stuff for me and my family, it was never enough.

You see earning online provided a passive income generating business for me. This is not a get rich quick scheme. I consider my online business a real business. As such I dedicated time and passion in what I did.

I started earning cents through Google Adsense until one day my earnings are reaching $1-5 a day. I created several websites with Blogger.com, which is Free and marketed my sites online through search engine rankings and social marketing.

After having earn some money from my online business, I started to re-invest it into buying a domain and hosting my own website

I also started to promote affiliate products, which are other people’s products from the Clickbank Marketplace.

Did I spend money?

At first, I was skeptical really. Buying a domain costs $9-$10 and A hosting a domain a whooping $100 per year! And I was not yet satisfied because I enrolled with the Affiloblueprintcourse which costs a whooping $197 for their affiliate marketing course. I wanted to earn big bucks and have passive income online.

But was it worth it? You bet.

Now I can easily gain my investment back with my own domain and now I also own my sites which I can sell later. Unlike in knowitall-affiliates.com wherein you cannot sell your site because it’s free.
I have also hosted several domains in my Hostgator account because I choose the Baby plan which costs a little more but can host unlimited domains and unlimited webspace.

For the affiliate marketing course, Affiloblueprint, after implementing and launching my site.

I already made a sale within 3 days and made a sale of $241 in just 3 weeks!

I can say that investing my money in these products and services was well worth it, because I know that it is just a small price to pay for a more valuable asset that I have, which is time.

How much is your time worth to you? Sure, there are lots of free information that will help you earn online, but with so much information you could easily go astray.

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