Get Traffic Creating Controversy And Being Provocative

You may think of being provocative and being controversy as a very bad thing, but if you do it the right way, it is actually a very good thing, because people HAS to give you their opinion and if they start discussing with you, and start commenting your posts, you do already have traffic, but it will get more seen and you will get even more.

Lets say that you have made a post called “I think it’s the homeless’ fault that they are homeless” or something like that. hundreds of people might disagree with you, and when they post their opinion, you just reply them and start a conversation. This way you will get a lot of traffic, and when the visitors friends can see on their Facebook-feed that their friend is discussing with someone, they might want to join the conversation.

But it is important that you don’t insult someone. Saying that thing with homeless people, is maybe a bit too harsh, but i just wanted you to understand the concept. Make sure that your topic isn’t hurting anyone, just make sure it provokes them, and then get a few visitors to your website, so you start a discussing.

When you are discussing with someone on your website / blog, then make sure not to sound like a child, or a streetgangster. People won’t even spend their time discussing with you, if you sound like a complete idiot. So avoid things like “Nonononononoono I AM RIGHT” or “fuck you, stupid bitch i’m right”, people will leave you site in no time, and never come back.

This method is a very good method when you know how to master it, but it requires a lot of training, and you might fail sometimes. However, you can always delete the post, or make a new post. I haven’t done it so much myself, because it’s not really my type of thing. But i have done it a couple of times, and i have experienced a raise in activity/traffic.

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