Getting Massive Traffic Blogging Off-Topic

A lot of people thinks that “going off-topic” is a bad thing, and is often punished in forums, but when you are trying to get more traffic it can actually be a pretty good thing. What i want you to do is to find the niche or thing, that is “in” right now. An example could be when the Gangnam style was “in”.

If you back then, wrote a blog called “Whoop’em gangnam style orr what?” and blogged about, what they really sang. Then you would get thousands of views, because no one did exactly know what they sang, so millions of people might have googled it wrong, and then you get all the wrong searches.

This blog takes 10-30 minutes to write, and you will get thousands or millions of views, and you can do it with everything. You could also make a post about the superbowl, “what was the superbowl end result 2013/2014″ or something like that, and the morning after, you might get millions of hits from Europe.

This method can be used all over the year, you just have to be quick. Make the posts before someone else does it, it could be Osama Bin Ladins death, Paul Walkers Car crash, Super bowl, American President, or anything like that. Just be creative.

If you don’t have any good content or news, you can use a sneaky method i have used a couple of times. You go to, and find the article that you liked the most, and you copy all the content, including the images and headlines, and you paste it to a post on your website.

But when you use this method, there is something you have to remember. You HAVE to publish the source to the real article as well, or else they can sue you for violence against the copy-right law, and you will get huge fines, by the companies/yahoo.

So always post the original source, and the author too.

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