How Do You Want To Spend Your Day?

Ken McArthur of Top Affiliate Challenge brought up a very good point that will probably decide on what path you want to take in life. He stressed the question, “How do you want to spend your day?. It made me think of the things I’ve done for the couple of months, the trials and errors, and would it be this way that I want to spend the rest of my life.

People have different ideas of their dream life. Some people would treat as talking to people or working for a big company a dream life for them. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s what they want. If you’re an introvert living in the basement, working in a computer 24 hrs a dream life for you, well there’s nothing wrong. It’s a DNA game. People would always compare you to somebody that you’re not. That’s exactly the point, no two people are similar. How you want to spend your day would, be the determining factor on how enjoyable would be life for you.

As for me, I have experienced working in a small and big web design company, no matter what company I’m in, I couldn’t find the “thing” that could make my working days enjoyable. I never really like answering for a boss, waking up early in the morning, traffic jam, having a job but broke we all have the same experiences but people might find that enjoyable for them than having to work for themselves.

If you’re about to watch a video about your life is this the kind of movie that you’ll be just proud? Would you even tell people about this movie, how you live your life and how you succeed?

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