How to SEO Your Blog : The Google Way

I’m a web designer, a Filipino, and when I started in SEO and internet marketing, I felt like shit. Shit traffic, shit post, shit blog all tons of shit, I also do shit comments on other blogs. That was really awful. I was perfectly clueless and don’t know what to do to get traffic from the search engines. Today, I don’t apply them on this blog. You might see that there are no advertisement here and I would like to keep it that way. I apply them on other sites that make me money online.

I would like to help the newbies out there on how to get started on their blog. I won’t tell you to go and comment on other blogs, stumbleupon, entrecard or twit your blog. That should be your last resort. Never ever try social networking to promote your blog, unless you just want to be famous. But if you’re in this business for the money and for the killing, woo Big G and the other 1st and 2nd tier search engines.

SEO, internet marketers and all those people that make money online know how search engine ticks. If they don’t know how, they’ll starve and I’m one of them. I have to pay the bills, help my family and save some more for future education. But for the sake of this article, I’ll be pertaining to google since it has the biggest market share.

What does Google wants?

There are many things that make google ticks but lets focus on this most important part of SEO. Google loves content. And the fresher the content the better. Do I need to say more? Ok, I’ll explain, Google loves content, long related targeted content. That’s what google loves.

If you’re making a blog post, talk about a topic that is really targeted. Meaning, post a content that will give your page an authority. Specify a certain keyword for this post. Bold it, italics it, H1 tag it etc. Don’t put any other unrelated keyword in there. Just focus on that word. Talk about it, as lenghty as you want. But be sure its still human readable.

Never Give Up On Your Site

This is not an inspirational paragraph. I’m telling you this because if you’re site is new and its been a month and you’re not getting traffic, most likely you are sand boxed. You’ll know you’re sandboxed when you have a steady traffic day after day then you suddenly lost all the traffic. Do not worry, this is normal. Its google’s way of welcoming your site in the internet. After that you’ll be ranked accordingly. How long do you have to wait to get out of the sandbox? 90 days. This is the normal thing. Sometimes even longer. Sometimes even years. But don’t lose hope. There is a way to make it better and faster. What? Just add more content.

How Often Should I Add More Content or Post on My Site?

Ok, I’ll be borrowing the lines of bloggers “Have a posting frequency”. This is true. You should update often and have a posting frequency. But, on the safe side, remember this.

If your site is 90 days old and is getting 0 – 15 visitors a day. Do not make any more post. Optimize what you already have.

After you get out of the sandbox, you’re ranked accordingly by google. Of course you’re ranking is shit. Don’t expect anything yet. You’re the new guy. But don’t blame the site. It’s your fault and it’s only you that can make the site better. Just keep getting links, submit from directories, submit articles, do SEO, optimize your page. Again, no social networks (if you want to make money that is).

After 30 days of optimizing, getting links and SEO. Check your stats. You should be getting more visitors now.

If you’re getting 15 – 50 visitors a day. You should at least, update your blog with 2+ pages or post per month.

You can still stick with your posting frequency but keep it at least 2+ post per month.

Now let me tell you something why I wanted you to optimize your site without using social media. Those visitors that you see on your stats are coming from organic traffic / search engines… Those are traffic that you can convert to money. You can make money out of that traffic. With adsense, you can make your CTR boost up to 20% with that traffic. I went as high as 50% with my other sites. Because these people are buyers, searchers that are looking for a product or service, if they saw your ads, even if they know its an ad, they will click on it. Social media traffic, these people are just having fun, blog hopping, stumbling, just reading other blogs. They wont convert and will just ruin your CTR. This is the secret to making money on the internet. You want organic traffic.

Ok, lets move on. Never stop optimizing your site. Keep posting, keep getting links, keep submitting and keep optimizing your pages. By the time you get your visitors up to 100.

If you’re getting 50 – 150 visitors a day, you should at least update your blog or site with 2 pages every week.

This is a no brainer. Google loves fresh, unique content. The spiders will always crawl your site every day and your pages will be indexed immediately.

150 unique and organic visitors a day is pretty number. If you want to increase that number, just keep posting more blog posts and keep on getting links. Never do social media. Never. Don’t ruin your CTR. As I will say, that is pure traffic, search engine traffic that you can make money of. Don’t pollute it.

Google will reward you with a strong stream of traffic that can last for years. You will increase your CTR and in turn Google will place high cost per click ads on your site. $1 a click is peanuts for you if you have a high CTR. Even if you missed a posting date, it won’t have any disastrous effect on your blog.

Ok, I won’t be making this post longer. To close this out, just keep getting links and update frequently. And G Almighty will reward you till kingdom come. That’s how you do SEO the Google Way. Good luck on making money online.

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