Keyword Research : Long Tail Keywords Pay

Search engine optimization is a competitive field and more and more keywords are being generated by the second. As an internet marketer that wants to make money online, what keyword shall we focus to get the most out of the “buying traffic”, traffic that clicks, sells and most of all, pays.

It is not enough for us to know which keywords get the most searches everyday. This is only one part of the monetization process. We should also know which keywords gives the most money. To minimize our costs (hosting, bandwidth etc), we focus only on keywords that buys not keywords that are being searched only for information.

Most likely, if we’re going to take the place of a college student that wants to BUY an iPod online, he would most likely type in:

buy ipod 30gig
discount ipod 30 gig
ipod 30gig 3g price

Compared to a person who would only want information about an ipod, in which case, his search process would most likely be:

ipod 30gig
ipod 3g review

Did you notice the difference? The first one is ready to buy. We want that kind of traffic. To make money, maybe we could get an affiliate site for ipod resellers and the like. We get commission on each person we refer.

“Buying Keywords” are most of the time, LONG TAILS

Long tail keywords like the buying keyword above, is more likely to be less competitive and targeted. In researching for long tail keywords, we should also think like the buyer. If I’m going to buy an Ipod, maybe, I could search something like, ipod 3g black 30gig, you noticed that its very targeted and specific. Buyers that are looking to buy stuff on the internet, seems to search for a specific product mainly because they are ready to buy. Unlike people who were just wondering around to get the latest review or details about ipods and may buy later or not. Either way, we want to get paid NOW and so we attract and get the traffic of paying keywords.

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