Make Money Affiliate Marketing Business

You can make money affiliate marketing by selling products belonging to other people for a commission. For electronically deliverable products suh as software or eBooks, that will be from 50% uopwards, though mostly 50% of the sales price. For hard goods it will be considerably lower

It is easy to make money affiliate marketing, but if your affiliate marketing business is to be successful, you will need a website. Sure, you can make money without one, but in order to do so you will need a way of attracting people, and then selling them to the merchant’s website.

There are only two effective ways of doing that – article marketing and pay per click (PPC) advertising, and either or both can be used in your affiliate marketing business. In the latter you join a PPC program, create adverts and then bid on keywords with which to advertise your adverts.

You pay for every click your advert receives, and unless you are very familiar with PPC you can lose a lot of money using it. You can use it, but set yourself a very strict budget of, say, $50, and see how you get on. If you fail, don’t persevere, but learn more about it before trying again or you will lose rather than make money affiliate marketing.

Article marketing is a great way to get free advertising, and it will also be one of your major online advertising techniques. It is my #1 method and has achieved many Page ‘#1 listings for me on Google. Since I recommend article marketing as a major promotional technique, and since I am a professional article ghost writer, I am going to make an offer for my book Article Czar now. You needn’t buy it yet, but can come back later for it once you have a lot more knowledge about online businesses abnd how to make money affiliate marketing.

The regular price is $57 but I am offering it to visitors to this site for $37, since you can use it as one of your products to sell in your affiliate marketing business, and it is always best to try a product before promoting it: Article Czar

Your Website
The problem with sending visitors directly to the merchant’s sales page is that about 99% don’t buy first time, and you are unlikely to ever have them visit your advert or read your article again. You will be more likely to make money affiliate marketing if you send them to a page on your own website first that reviews the product and presells it before providing a link to the merchant.

Also, on the same page, you should offer an opt-in form. That collects their first name and email address so that you can keep in contact with them. On average, it takes a prospect 7 or 8 exposures to a product before they purchase – some more and some less. The only way to achieve that is to send them a regular email promoting the product.

You can’t just keep emailing them or you will be accused of spamming, but if you offer them a regular newsletter or 7 or 8 part course on your niche or product in return for their address, then you have the ideal excuse.

One major tip: respect your list memnbers, and don’t try to take advantage of them. They are helping you and you are helping them: it’s a symbiotic relationship so use it that way and they will respect you.

If the thought of building an automatic opt-in form worries you, don’t let it. Both SiteBuildIt and Third Sphere, which are described below, offer autoresponders and opt-in forms, and explain to you how to use them. That’s one reason why I am, recommending only these two that are ideal for promoting your affiliate marketing business.

I can also help you with advice if yiu need it. As this site expands I will offer help on all aspects of internewt marketing.

The other is that they are my Affiliate products, and demonstrate how the system works. My affiliate commission does not affect the price to you since I get a percentage of the sales price – up to 50% and over for the average affiliate product deliverable electronically. Affiliate merchants think in terms of 50% of a sale being better than 100% of none, and there is no replacement cost for software downloaded online.

Ideal for you if you are inexperienced online and want a foolproof method of building a website. That is something that deters many people from getting involved in internet marketing, but if websites scare you, you will love this. Here are some of its features:

• Free domain name: just choose one and SBI will register it for you.
• Website Design: Choose from dozens of templates or use your own. Select the theme, navigation bar, font, heading, etc.

• Content: Use the boxes to add headline, text, text links, graphics, audio and video,etc.

• Traffic stats, Search engine positions for every page (Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and Ask, and lots more.

• Your own Blog included.
• SEO Analysis on each page – you can’t complete without making recommended changes.

• Keyword Analysis and selection using Wordtracker.
• Unlimited password controlled email addresses and autoresponders to automate your business.

In short, everything needed to run a professional online business,and make money affiliate marketing.

Check out SBI here.

Third Sphere

Ideal for the more experienced, offering a fully function web hosting service including:
• unlimited email addresses and autoresponders
• automation station
• unlimited subdomains
• subdomain parking
• mysql databases
• cart system
• credit card merchant (2 Checkout)
• website design software
• wysiwyg html editor and lots more.

Check out Third Sphere here.
Affiliate Programs
Many online products, such as Article Czar above, offer an affiliate program – generally offering around 50% of the sales price for each sale. I offer 60% on Article Czar, or $34.20 for each sale. Worth selling – you get more than me!

As stated, you need a website. Design a home page that discusses the type of products you sell, with links to each page. Then design a page that reviews each product – one product to a page, with an opt-in form on each page.

Alternatively, send them to a squeeze page containing the opt-in form, offering a newsletter or course, and explaining the benefit of whichever you offer. Once they fill in the form, send them to your affiliate page.

There are some directories that offer you a great choice of programs. Some you can start selling right away, and immediately begin to make money affiliate marketing, while others will have to approve your website first to make sure it contains no offensive material. Taboo topics are sex, drugs, pharmaceuticals, peer to peer file sharing and pyramid schemes.

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