My First PPC Marketing

So I did it. I did it again. After my epic fail on PPC, I once again asked YSM and Adwords for a PPC duel. I was afraid at first to try it one more time for I might lose more money than before. But by reading and telling to myself LIFE = RISK I finally took the bull by the horn. Besides, I have my friends doing it at the same time. If I mess up its gonna be fun. If I did good, its fun to share the techniques.

Basically this is a PPC campaign that’s running for a week now. My first few days were terrible losing about $40 a day. I would like to halt and stop my campaign because I am afraid to lose money. But since all affiliates that are successful have their fair share of hungry days of no money because of PPC networks sucking it up off their credit cards, I thought to myself, if I want to be like these people, I should starve myself also. LOL. So yeah, instead of halting the campaign, I rose the bids of my keywords! The usual $0.2 keyword bids I rose to $2.0 per click!

I might come of as insane for bidding $2.0 per click. Maybe I am, and so are the rich people doing affiliate marketing. lol. No one knew, except you, my readers (if theres any). So when the 7th day of the campaign arrived (that was July 17th) I was surprised to see my earnings. My profit margin (ROI) was from 50% to 3000% though I have 1 failed campaign (-56%), 5 out of 6 campaign were successful. Insane numbers, I know. The ones that generated the highest ROI are the ones that got most SEO traffic so I wasn’t spending much on clicks.

Btw, when you want to compute for the profit (ROI) use this formula :

( Earnings – Money Spent )
% ROI = ————————— x 100
Money Spent

Basically its just net profit over total expenses. As much as I would like to post the earnings here, I already made a pledge that I won’t. This blog is not about making money online but an affiliate marketing and web design blog.

Pay Per Click is so powerful, fun and very rewarding to learn. I should’ve learned this stuff before I learned SEO, things might have been more different. I am not a guru, I just got my very first “Ah hah!” in PPC, I know there would be a lot more things and problems to come, but I’m ready for it.

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