Newbies Learning Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is not only the greatest way to make buckets full of cash it is also a very tireless way to earn a great lifelong income. In affiliate marketing you will find as the instrumental players being – the merchant/ brand/ retailer, the network, the publisher/ affiliate, and the client/ customer.

With affiliate marketing you will find that online a number of marketing strategies intertwining to some extent since affiliates or publishers will use the common advertising methods, which include paid search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and to some degree display advertising. Further, affiliates can at times use less conventional techniques e.g. publishing reviews of the services or products offered by their affiliate partners.

Since the advent of the internet, according to Al Gore (the creator of the internet, or so he says) the internet has been marketing many types of goods, products and services of some sorts. It has only been since the explosion of today’s internet making it a great common marketplace for every types of fingers pecking at keyboards world-wide. Even though affiliate websites such as Amazon and eBay are synonymous with the advent of affiliate marketing, it was the Late Cory Rudl who played a significant role in making this lucrative online venture what it is today.

The advantages of affiliate marketing is that you are provided with a very wide range of products and services to choose from and many merchant sites to partner with. Such versatility can play a positive role in allowing you to test different markets. Being an affiliate you don’t have to keep any inventory or worry about shipping or customer support, there are systems and tools in place managed by the merchants that do so.

South Bass (Put In Bay) Ohio an unusual house on the island built into the cliff. Picture taken Summer 2001 by Peggy
PIB House in Cliff

As the are advantages of affiliate market there are disadvantages also such as most affiliate niche markets today are very competitive where some are saturated and others – the main markets i.e. credit, lending, health, and insurance, are simply super saturated, thus penetrating can be quite a hassle. At times the merchants can decide to indefinitely close the affiliate program without paying the affiliates their dues as well as affiliate marketing can be very confusing for budding affiliates but there are many free resources online, such as blogs, forums, and article directories that can really act as a primer to successful affiliate marketing. One of the extremely useful affiliate site is Clickbank and you should be asking yourself is would you like to become a Clickbank affiliate for as I see it you have nothing to lose but bucketfuls to gain.

Nothing should dissuade you from pursuing such a rewarding business even though a bit of rolling up the sleeves, sleepless nights, lost days and weeks occur on a regular basics remain focused to the buckets of cash you will be hauling to the bank on a regular basics.

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