Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Cold process soap making requires combining oils with a caustic lye solution. Most successful soapmakers recommend making sure that both mixtures are within the same temperature range. I watch a lot of youtube videos about soapmaking and most of the dedicated soapmakers I have seen tend to use one of these non-contact temperature guns.

Initially I didn’t even factor it in as a possibility for me as a non-professional soapmaker because I assumed they would be horribly expensive. Good news; they’re not, necessarily.

The key to using a temperature gun (especially a less-expensive option) is to remember its limitations. First, it is a surface temperature reader. Don’t expect it to measure the deep temperature of your oils or lye solution.

Second, it’s not necessarily going to be accurate from a long distance. Try using it from about 30cm away from the target. However, these limitations aren’t really a problem for soapmaking, and the fact that you don’t have to dip a regular thermometer into your lye, rinse and wipe it, dip it into your oil, rinse and wipe it, repeat repeat repeat, is reason enough for me to recommend it heartily. A professional soaper might choose a more expensive/higher quality option but for the hobby soapmaker, cheap is the word here.

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