Picking the right Domain Name for your Website

What should my domain name be?

When you are picking your domain name, make it keyword(s) that are relevant to your website topic. Not only will this help with your search engine optimization but it will help people remember you.
I waited for you to pick your domain name after you did all your keyword research so you would have a real good idea of what your name should be. Now you will be able to select a name that will help you gain traffic.

If you were looking for computers online, would you be more incline to go to computers.com or joeswebsite.com? If you are thinking you would go to dell or gateway, that’s only because these companies have made a name for themselves, you haven’t. No one knows what’s at joeswebsite.com. Make your name have meaning.

If you are lucky enough to find computers.com available. Grab it. I don’t mean get that domain name, I mean get the name that matches your topic. Flowers.com, houses.com, dogs.com, etc. It is not likely you will ever find those names available.

So now what do you do? Pick two or three keywords that will describe your site. This should be very easy. Look at your main page. The home page for your site. Which two or three words come up most often?

These are the words you will want to use.

When you are searching for the availability of your chosen domain name, don’t use dashes or underscores in the name. Google has decided that dashed domain names are unprofessional and a form of search engine s.p.a.m.

If you want to rank good with Google and the other search engines, you will have to pick a domain name that is all one word.

Most people prefer to use a dot com name only because it is easy to remember. If you can’t find your chosen name in a dot com format, don’t be afraid to use dot net, dot biz, or any of the other formats available.

My most successful website is a dot net website.

Find several available domain names that would work for your site and make a list. Read the list many times. Wait a day or two and think about them. Ask some friends or family members what they think about your domain names.

Try to pick a name that will be easy to remember. Make sure you don’t use any words that are hard to spell. You don’t want your visitors trying to find you again but can’t figure out how to spell ‘effervescent’ or some other, hard to spell word.

Make sure you have the words spelled right.

This is not something you are going to be able to change once you buy the domain name. Make sure you are very happy with it and it will work for your website. Say it out loud. Pretend you are answering the phone using the domain name. This will be your company name. This is your signature. Make sure you will be proud to use it.

This is a big step. Take your time.

Go to Netfirms (finish reading first) and click on domain names on the top link bar (On Netfirms website). Don’t use the domain search box on the first page, click on the domain names link and start your search there. If you use the search box on the first page, you will be agreeing to buy web space for $119.00 along with your domain name. All you want is the name. If you plan to use Netfirms web space, you will get free space with the purchase of the domain name or you can buy a smaller package. You don’t need the $119.oo package.

DON’T BUY YOUR NAME IN THIS STEP! You are researching right now. You will buy your name soon. Don’t jump ahead, follow the steps.

Domain names at Netfirms are only $4.95 a year. This is the place you will want to buy your name. Decide upfront if you are going to purchase a hosting package from them. I believe you will get your domain name free if you buy a hosting package. Keep in mind, the price of hosting is a monthly charge. More on hosting in the next step. (Read the next step while you are trying out your new name before you buy.)

You can search for domain names at Netfirms as many times as you want to. This website will also suggest names similar to your pick if your pick is not available. This might help you.
Go ahead and start your search. Have fun and take your time.


Netfirms will only allow you to buy 5 domain names at this price of $4.95. After that they will charge you more. I can’t say how much more because they run specials from time to time. Currently, the price after the $4.95 is $9.95.

When you are ready to buy your sixth domain name, see what they are charging and also check GoDaddy . Go Daddy currently charges $9.20. They both have all the features you want in a domain registering company. Sometimes you will get your name cheaper at Netfirms and sometimes it will be cheaper at GoDaddy . Comparison shop for the best price.

P.S. You have most of the hard work done. This is going to get much more interesting real soon. Let’s look at Hosting.

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