PPC Is All About Data

No wonder why most newbies are afraid to do PPC. It will eat your money instantly. And the rate of success and being broke is dependent on how can you tolerate risk and see your money go down the drain.

Earning money is fun. Losing money isn’t. So what happens when someone afraid to take risk in PPC and don’t want to lose money to learn? He will not learn nor succeed. True there is still another option, go SEO. Its free. But, it takes a lot of time to see results. PPC gives you instant results. Though some people say that it is temporary as you can only send traffic as long as you have the money. What they don’t know is that, as long as that money spend on PPC comes back in a form of commission, its still a good source of long term income.

Doing PPC in affiliate marketing is really tricky you need to have data that you can base your decision. Bidding up or down blindly is not what PPC is all about. Being clouded by emotion has no place for PPC affiliate marketing. For example, you are losing $50 a day for a campaign. You still need to get at least 100 clicks to say that it is NOT profitable. But the weak-hearted might stop those campaigns right after the $50 was spent with no return. There are a lot of factors that you can consider why it didn’t become profitable. Maybe sales comes in Monday or week ends or seasonal, maybe your site isn’t converting well, your ads, your ad copy, your title and so on. There are a lot of factors and you need to lose some money at the start to gain data. You can not judge a campaign completely just by saying “I have spent $50 with no sales, so this niche is not profitable”.

PPC affiliate marketing is not for the weak hearted. Better of become an SEO affiliate marketer. Both have their advantages and I believe is a matter of preference. I never said one discipline is better. Just be wary of the consequences in going with any of them.

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