Silicone 1.2kg cold process soap mold with wooden frame

I bought this mold as one of my first cold process soaping molds mainly because I wanted to try a variety of different soaping techniques and it was therefore important to be able to make a relatively small batch. Otherwise I might end up swimming in soapy experiments and I was not guaranteed that any of them would actually be successful. Let’s face it; soaping can be expensive for the beginner, especially when you want to try out some of the wonderful but more costly ingredients like cocoa butter and jojoba oil.

It turns out that this is the soaping mold I turn to most often, as I prefer small batching. A 1kg mold is a great size for the beginning soaper, as it is big enough to learn most of the different swirling and decorating techniques but not so much of a risk as a larger mold. It makes 8 really nice sized bars that are a great holding size.

The silicone lining of this mold means that you don’t have to line it, which is a great time saver. The soap should release quite easily about 24 hours after pouring and if it is still too soft to release cleanly, either letting it set longer or popping in the freezer briefly should help.

I don’t have any particular complaints about this mold, other than that the silicone might be a tad thick…I think a thinner liner may help turn the soap out just that bit easier. All in all though, it’s an inexpensive mold and it does the trick so I’d heartily recommend it to the beginning soapmaker, the dedicated small batcher or the highly experimental.

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