Step By Step To Affiliate Marketing Success

I thought I would share a very easy to understand and easy to follow step by step to start making money online. This is a very precise method that I have been using with great success.

1) Find the right niche

Now, you may or may not know that just selling what YOU like is NOT the answer to your online success. I know of some people who have built sites just because they were passionate by that specific niche, but not making any money with it. However, I do know that selling products or services that may not interest you at all, but which are very hot and popular, will sell and make you tons of money.

So, finding hot niches in order to make money online is really key to success. A very good product that I have found to be helping me a great deal to find hot niches is Micro Niche Finder, thus the name. Micro Niche Finder is not a membership product, which means that you pay for it only once and it is really worth it if you are looking for long term online business.

2) Build a simply WordPress blog with adsense

Next step, you need to build a WordPress blog with your own domain name. It is better to first find the niche and then buy the domain name, so you can have that perfectly adequate domain name matching your niche or product.

If you can is even better to personalize your blog so it won’t look like a “Wordpress blog”, but more like YOUR blog with personalized header and format. You can have that done for $20.

Once you have your domain name, personalized header, you ads from adsense all ready on your site (if you wish), all you need to do is add content to your blog. When your blog is new try to add at least one or two posts a week, then you can add one post every two weeks if you can do any more than that. But if you can, please do.

3) Create a link-wheel and write articles

Once your blog has at least two to three posts start a link wheel. An example of a link-wheel is this:

– Create a Squidoo lens
– Create a Hubpages page
– Create a Gather page
– Create a Weebly page
– Create a Scribd page

Make sure you have a couple of link to your blog on each of those pages as an “anchor text” and then do this:

– Create a link on your Squidoo lens pointing (as an anchor text) to your Hubpages page.
– Create a link on your Hubpages page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Gather page.
– Create a link on your Gather page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Weebly page.
– Create a link on Your Weebly page pointing (as an anchor text) to your Scribd page.

Do not close the circle, just leave it that way.

Then, write articles linking only to your blog to high rank articles directories. The ones that I use the most right now are StreetArticles, Ezinearticles, theFreelibray, GoArticles, Isnare, jabberdi, etc… there are more. You can choose whichever one you want, but try to pick the one that have the highest Page Rank, such as the one mentioned above.

Then use social media sites and bookmark each of your pages and articles. Once you’ve done that, you will see how your page will go up the Google rankings and be on first page if you have done your homework well in choosing a good niche.

This works wonders and it’s easy to do.

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