The Cashburners Affiliate Program: – Is It Worth Joining?

Cashburners is an excellent, free to join affilliate program. Affiliates joining the program can earn commissions – normally between 40-50% by referring customers – who go on to make a purchase – to the Cashburners online store, New affiliates also receive a $50 welcome bonus, making this program a very attractive option to join.

The products they sell are in very high converting niches, though these niches are often considered to be slightly disreputable, and are sometimes ignored by mainstream internet marketers. There are two ways you can look at this: either the program should be avoided because your competitors avoid it, or it should be exploited because the competition is relatively low. Your decision should be based upon how you feel about the products… or perhaps how you feel about the potential profits!

The products range from herbal supplements to prevent hair loss, through supplements to promote muscle growth, supplements to promote weight loss, other supplements to improve male health (specifically prostate health) and of course supplements that claim to improve a man’s sexual stamina and potency. They also sell a wide range of sex toys and other ’sexual aids’.

Whilst some may frown upon many of these products, as affiliates we cannot deny their high conversion rates, and thus potential profitability. As with any affiliate program that you are planning to join, or researching with a view to joining, the key questions you need to ask yourself before you put in all the time and effort necessary to succeed in the affiliate program are as follows:

* Of what quality are these products? Would I feel as confident about recommending them if I were selling face to face through a brick and mortar outlet, as I do in the (usually anonymous) world of e-commerce?
* How easy is it to promote and sell the products?
* What support do I get from the vendor?
* What are the conversion rates like?
* Just as importantly, what are the refund rates like? Few things are more frustrating for a novice affiliate than to see one of their few sales become a refund, though of course this matters less to experienced affiliates who are shifting a higher volume of referrals, and simply becomes a matter of percentages.
* What is the commission structure like?
* Is it also an MLM program (IE do you have the option of recruiting new members to the program, who then earn you a commission on their sales)?
* How big is the competition, and just how much time and effort (or money if you have an advertising budget) will it take to have my site appear high in SERPs for my chosen keywords?

These are all important questions to address before you leap headfirst into a new affiliate program, and this is why research should take up quite a lot of your time.

In the case of the Cashburners affiliate program, I can broadly answer these questions as follows:

* The products are amongst the highest quality in those niches. How you feel about selling them is your own concern. You should take a look at the homepage to get a better look at the available products and form your own opinion. As for myself, I am currently only promoting 3 of these products – Hair Again, Musclemax Xtreme and Hoodia Extreme. This is largely because I am using a free hosting company to host the relevant websites, and most free hosting companies will not allow any adult-oriented material of any kind. Paid hosting, or Cashburners own free hosting service, will allow you to avoid this problem, if you so choose.
* Competition is relatively low, but without an advertising budget, expect to put in quite a bit of time to build decent traffic to your sites. Concentrate on building backlinks and, if you can, write articles promoting your sites and publish them to the major directories.
* Cashburners has a forum on their homesite where you can get advice and hints and tips from other affiliates, or request support if you have problems. The best support Cashburners give is their promotional material – free website templates for each product, free hosting if you use those templates (which you may modify to avoid the duplicate content penalty) and hundreds of banners to use on your sites or post in advertising exchanges and traffic exchanges.
* Conversion rates vary from product to product. Taking Hoodia as an example, organic traffic to my site converts at about 10-20%, traffic from other sources at about 0.2%. Some affiliates report conversion rates of up to 40% for this product; how true this is I cannot comment!
* Again taking Hoodia, refund rates are about 5% in my case. Please remember that I can give only my own data, and it should not be taken as an absolute figure for all affiliates!
* Commission is good, 40%-50% on all products. The products I promote retail at just below $50 a time.
* Yes, it is an MLM. You earn 10% commission on all sales made by your level 1 and 2 referrals. An even better bonus is that you earn $1 just for referring someone to your downline. We all know how frustrating it is to spend time and effort building downlines, only to have a bunch of useless – sorry I mean ‘inactive’ referrals who never earn you a penny. With Cashburners at least you earn something for each referral.
* Again the competition varies between niches – I deliberately chose competitive niches like weight loss and muscle growth, to see how much time and effort it would take to get my sites listed highly in SERPS. Other niches may have lower competition. You may find it easier to refer other affiliates by posting banners on your online income blogs and webpages.

I hope you found this information useful. For more advice about Cashburners and other affiliate programs, free advertising, traffic generation and SEO ideas, visit my affiliate marketing blog.

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