Turn Your Blog In To a Money Making Machine

First of all, what is a blog anyway? How does it differ from a web page? The main difference is that conventional web pages are relatively static; you create a site and it doesn’t change much, if at all, after that. Blogs are dynamic, the blogger is adding fresh content frequently, and visitors are usually invited to leave a comment. This often results in very interesting and helpful blogs.

Another big advantage of having a blog is that the owner can change content and add more content very easily and quickly. With a conventional web site it’s not so easy, and site owners often have to contact the webmaster and ask her to make changes. In some cases this could take days or weeks.

Google adsense is one way to bring in revenue. All you have to do is apply to Google and they will put ads on your page. These will be ads that are related to your web page, and anytime someone clicks on one of the ads and makes a purchase, you will get paid a commission. Not bad, considering you don’t have to do any work.

Another way to monetize your site is to do product reviews. Just pick a product, learn all about it, then tell your visitors what you think about the product. Clickbank is a good place to find something to promote. Just contact the person in the Clickbank ad and they will give you instructions and a link to their site so you will get your commissions. A good idea is to review some similar products also.

Don’t trash a competitor’s product, but you can point out any weaknesses. You can even mention a weakness in your own product – nothing is perfect, right? You will gain credibility by doing this, visitors will see that you’re being honest and upfront.

Everyone of course wants high traffic for their blog, and once you start getting high traffic new opportunities open up. For instance, advertisers will pay good money to advertise on your site, and that’s because of your high traffic. There are many things you will have to do to get the number of visitors you want, but there’s not enough room to discuss it here.

Building an email list is one of the smartest things you can do. These are people who have learned valuable things from you, and expect to keep on learning from you. They have given you permission to send them emails from time to time, so you must give them high quality information. Some of the emails you send to them will contain links to ebooks, software, etc. So here you have another revenue stream.

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