Want To Earn 6 Digits Eh?

Almost all people will judge you by how much money you make and if you won’t tell them how much, they will ask you what you do. Then they’ll try to make themselves look better than you. This is what I experience when I attend reunions or alumni homecomings. Just like my friends says “Payabangan lang yun”.

I am not mad at these people. I find it amusing. And it make me feel happy that people are happy with what their status in life are. Think about it, would you rather hear a sad (poverty) story from other people? Or a story of excitement of success?

To make themselves even feel good, I always put myself less successful than they are. It makes them talk about more of themselves. Its fun. They will ask, what’s your job? I will answer, “I stay at home & I have no job.” I never really lied because, what I’m doing is not a job, but a business.

Then here comes people that will talk about their failure. These are people that I really don’t want to listen to… Because you are always in command of what you can accomplish. So when I hear people that they only make this much in their job. They should print out this list.

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