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Wealthy Affiliate, The Internet Marketing University
How would you like to get a 24/7 course on network marketing, teaching you what you NEED to know to be a pro!
Network marketing is a trade and like any other trade it needs to be learned in order for you to be successful.
For the ones that have been following my blogs, you know my motto: “No was was born successful, but success can be learned”.
Yes, everything can be learned trust me, but where can you learn the trade of Network Marketing you might ask? When I first started in network marketing in 2005 I knew NOTHING, and if this wasn’t bad enough for someone who was thinking in making a good living in this business, I didn’t know where to learn what I needed to know in order to be successful either.
I was hoping that the people who brought me in their internet business as a distributor would help me, but of course it never happened. Sounds familiar?

From A J.O.B To Wealthy Affiliate!
In 2005 I found myself working as an underpaid trilingual legal assistant in a small law office.
I knew that I wanted out, but didn’t know what to do.
The word network marketing started to get my attention, however, and in June of 2005 I stated with my first adventure in network marketing.
I wish I knew then what I know now, but I also learned that this would have been impossible. You learn as you go. There is a learning curve for every one of us who have joined the affiliate marketing business. It took me two years to fully realize WHY I was failing, and now I am warning and teaching others, so they won’t have to go through the heartache and financial ruin that I went through.
You could lose so much time and money when you enter the network marketing world, you’d wish you’d never started, because of the price you had to pay.
What I’m calling the price is not just monetary waste, but also your precious time. The time that you could be spending in LEARNING important things that could lead you toward your success, instead of your precious time lost stumbling around trying to guess or worse even, following directions that are the wrong ones. And last but not least, the price of frustration.
I should know, I’ve been there,and done that. Sound familiar to you too?
The good is, YOU don’t have to lose any of your time and money and sink in frustration if you are reading this lens, because I’ve got something for you. And if you really want to understand what I am talking about just read this
FREE GUIDE and this will give you an idea of what I am talking about.
Want The Truth About Affiliate Marketing?
I am here to tell you that even if you are in a so called “Good“, “Five Pillar“, “On The Rise” so on, and so forth company, (like I was) it does not mean that YOU will make it.
The Truth is, I am yet to have found a network marketing company that will admit that to you.
The fact is, you shouldn’t count on you upline if you are a distributor like I was to educate you in the network marketing trade. YOU should count on YOU and only YOU to find the knowledge you will need in order to be successful.
After much searching myself I found a GREAT network community called Wealthy Affiliate The Internet University. And I invite you to check it out.
You Can Succeed! Wealthy Affiliate Can Help!
Wealthy Affiliate, The Internet Marketing University has taught me everything I know about internet and affiliate marketing. I created this lens in order to let you know that if you are willing to put your share of efforts you can make it too in this wonderful business of internet marketing as an affiliate.
Article marketing, also called bum marketing won’t cost you a penny to make your first dollar or you first 1000′s. What other business could you say that about? Not very many right!
Affiliate Marketing Is The Answer
In most cases your job won’t make your rich.
Affiliate Marketing can and WILL if you are just willing to make the effort to learn and put it into practice.

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