What Is Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing ? Simply put , affiliate marketing is a way to promote an online business where an advertiser , individuals or companies ( affiliates ) to work for him with regard to market products or services.
An affiliate is rewarded in the form of commission when he sends visitors to the advertiser’s website and these visitors complete a sale , enter their e -mail address or wears a certain action.

The advantage of this type of marketing is that the advertiser does not have to pay an affiliate before a ” sale” or an action has been completed.

The advantage for affiliates is that they will not have to actively promote the advertiser if they do not bother. For example, an affiliate . just put a link on his personal blog and hope that some of his friends look at it and buy something from the advertiser .

However, if an affiliate are serious and want to earn commissions , they can also make more of the ads for the advertiser , banners , newsletters , etc. If this is the case, an affiliate could easily earn thousands of dollars a month , but it requires of course she may not know where and how he will market the advertiser.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way for e- merchants to advertisers and sell their products and services online and it is also an inexpensive way for them to market their products as they never wasting marketing budget , but only have to pay when the affiliate provide them with a sale. Being an affiliate , on the other hand , is a way to make money without having to invest in products and services. Amazon was one of the first e- merchants who first ventured into affiliate marketing. The system worked so well that , to date , Amazon has approx. 500,000 registered affiliates .

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