Why Did I Quite Being A Distributor For An Internet Maketing Company

Are you still struggling as a distributor for a big internet marketing company? I know I was. Why did I quite being broke for a big internet marketing company to become an affiliate marketing?

When I started with the internet marketing business in late 2005, all I knew is that some people were making big money online, but I sure didn’t know how. After a couple of real bad experiences which made me lose and waste money, I join Vitamark International which is based in Houston, Texas. I became a distributor of this company and I was told that I could make huge amount of money with the company as a distributor.

A very important thing you need to know before you join a company as a distributor!

When you join a network marketing company, you see the top dogs making big money, and, yes, they certainly do. But what you need to understand is “it is not because they are making big money that you will“ They are making money because they are already in possession of 3 things that you may not. 1) They have a KNOWLEDGE of the internet marketing business. 2) They are already settled and have a network behind them. 3) They have money to spend in advertisement that you most likely don’t have.

These 3 reasons will most certainly make a huge difference between you and them.

So much so, that as a matter of fact, if you are brand new with the online business when you start with an internet marketing company, it will take more than work on your part to be able to reach this kind of results. It will take a lot of your time and money. So much so, that the dropping numbers are gigantic.

Thankfully, after a couple of year of struggling as a distributor, I’ve got that! I was still convinced that I could make it big online, but I knew that there had to be something else then being a distributor of a big internet marketing company that makes ALL the rules for me.

Guess what? There was!

I was fortunate enough to meet two great guys from Wealthy Affiliate, the internet marketing school. Those guys are real and they are millionaires who made it on their own with Affiliate Marketing. When I found them online, I knew I had found what I was looking for, and it was affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the FREE internet marketing way with NO ONE making the rules for you. You really are your own online business boss. The other great bonus for me was NO running after people to join my business. I really hate that:)

Through Wealthy Affiliate I have gotten even more blessings. I met PotPieGirl. Many of you have already probably heard of her. She is the mom from Georgia, who knew that she was going to make money online, and in two years she did it. she made more on her second year than those struggling distributors might ever make, ever. Isn’t it great to have someone like her as your internet buddy who helps you out every time you have a question? Yes, it most certainly is. PotPieGirl is the author of One Week Marketing action plan. If you’ve never made money online before this book could change your life!

The third main blessing that I’ve got from Wealthy Affiliate is I became an expert myself! I have built relationships with people whom I have helped and are still helping now to make money themselves. Wow! It can’t get much any better than that! But I am sure it will, lol.

Through PotPieGirl I also met this great network marketer from England, who makes even more money than she does named Mark Thompson. Is the author of WordpessGoldmine. WordPressGoldmine is just that, a goldmine book, that I have been using to build blogs just like this one. On top of everything I am now also able to contact him on a daily basis for all my little tech problems.

So, in the end for me,without a doubt, affiliate marketing is deffinetly the way out of the rat race. Let me tell you, if you rub yourself long enough against successful people, there is no doubt about it, you will become successful yourself. Yes, you can make affiliate marketing YOUR OWN, but it is not for lazy onces who want to make it at a click of a mouse. There is no such thing as something for nothing. It takes work and determination, but it is the most low investement big retrun online business there is.

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