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Writing Articles – You won’t Find a More Powerful Free Traffic System

Articles are said to be the Most Powerful Way to Get Free Traffic. Write articles about your web site theme or project, post them to article directories, and voila! You start getting free traffic.

Is it really that easy? No, it’s not easy but it is beautiful in it’s simplicity. It really does take a lot of work, but work that will pay off big time, in the traffic you’ll receive to your web site.

The hardest part for the beginner, is writing your first article. But once past this hurdle, the task of writing becomes easier as you gain confidence and become more comfortable with writing.

In the winter of 2007, I find 3 topics that are the most discussed in Internet Marketing newsletters and blogs.

1- Getting Free Traffic with Article Marketing
2- Building a List
3- Firesales under $10, and Giveaway events. Both are used to build your list.

With that said, it became obvious to me that my web site should have a greater presence about Marketing with Articles. So I recently added this new category: Best Affiliate Products and named it appropriately Article Marketing for Traffic Have a look there, and come back after a while as I keep adding even more information.

Marketing with Articles serves to do more that just bring you traffic. Writing about your product or project is obviously the most common way to get the message across to your readers. Product reviews, if done carefully, are used to “presell” or warm up your readers about a product you are promoting.

Testimonials, which are actually mini-mini articles of one or two paragraphs, are also tremendously effective in sending traffic. ‘How-to’ articles are very popular due to the benefits derived from summarizing and emphasizing the most effective ways to ‘get it done’.

The bottom line is this: get serious about doing some writing yourself, or have it done for you. The principal way your site will become noticed, is if you have lots of informative content on it.

If you’re not prepared to offer good content, then forget about having this kind of web site. Go find a niche (specialty) that doesn’t need quality content… yeh, right. Well good luck with that.

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